The Mythology Of Multitasking: Decluttering the Conscious

Multitasking is busy work plan and simple. The only way to get things done is to do them one at time even if you do multiple things in one day. When I am worshiping I am worshiping. I am not worshiping and checking emails, worshiping and cooking…though I do worship as I do those things quite often but when my intention is to worship…I worship completely and fully. See that is what multitasking steals from you.

It steals the still from the moment. It populates the peace of an action, of a motion, of a task, of an accomplishment, of a joy, of a smile, of a good feeling, of excitement, of hope, of inspiration, of creation and invades the intimacy, inspiration, and intellectual gain of that moment.  I can’t paint like Picasso while simultaneously writing like Maya Angelo. Even if I am a master at both I mastered them one moment at a time with one moment in time dedicated to each for a surmountable amount of time.

Multi-tasking by definition means to execute more than one program or task simultaneously. Multitasking, is a computer operating system that is able to keep track of where you are in tasks and go from one to the other without losing information.

We cannot do this we are not computers we cannot do two things at once without losing.  One of the main we things lose is focus. A split focus is double mined. It is lukewarm. We cannot have a burning passion for anything that we are not intently purposefully focused.

The reason your house may not be clean is because you try to clean while you also work, talk on the phone, do your household budget. Maybe you need to focus on cleaning and just doing that for that hour or how ever long. I could never do a good household budget because I was trying to do my budget at the same time as trying to do something else. I say trying because I wasn’t doing. I was busy not productive.

So give up  the task of Multitasking…

Quote: We cannot do two things at once without losing.

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So…what is going on with you??

So just I just wanted to give a quick word today. It is imperative that we understand that the most important thing in life is to know where you are. If you don’t know where you are even if you have seen your vision and have a plan to accomplish it, you still will not make it to the vision.

It’s like when you enter into a mall and they have that huge map of all the stores. The first thing you look at on that map is that big sign that says “You Are Here”. Or when you put an address into your GPS the first piece of information it needs to know is what is your location.

It is the same in life. The thing that sparked this little revelation for me personally was writing this post. For some reason nothing was coming to me. I tried to force it but I thought no…I never force a post, blog, video or what have you. So I sat here until it hit me, “You need inspiration”,  and instantly I began writing.

Sometimes it is just the mere acknowledgement of something that gets you where you need to be.

It is a daily check of our spirit that keeps us on the right path. It is how we know to rest when we need to rest. To work when we need to work. It is how we know to pray when we need to pray and to get some much-needed inspiration when our wells of creativity seems to run dry.

So always check with yourself when things seem out of sorts. Do not ignore those symptoms. It is a part of spiritual health and wellness!!!

1 Corinthians 11:28 “But a man must examine himself, and in so doing he is to eat of the bread and drink of the cup.”

Quote: It is a daily check of our spirit that keeps us on the right path.

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Zombie Nation…What has happened???

Hi Guys!! Today I decided I just wanted to write a simple blog about what was on my heart. I feel like the people of today are so focused on the daily grind and the task at hand that we are the walking dead. There is a lifelessness about us and I was trying to figure out why…why are we so…lifeless

As I was asking this question God led me to this scripture verse.

Proverbs 13:12 says that hope deferred makes the heart sick; but when desire cometh, it is the tree of life.

So, of course I began to sit with this scripture and it began to speak to me.

Hope deferred means to suspend your hope. So it dawned on me that when I do my vision workshops or when I ask my clients to tap into their vision what I am really asking is what is your hope and I how can I help you reawaken it.

I am asking how can I help you carry your hope and strengthen your faith. Without faith we can never have hope because faith is conviction in the things hoped for. So strengthening your faith means that you have a constant belief that the vision will come true. That things hoped for will come…and that gives us life!!!

Faith and Hope gives us life!!! We are lifeless because we have lost faith and have pushed hope aside.

The enemy will tell you; you are too old, too poor, too black, too white, too fat, too thin, too stupid…do not let the enemy have your dreams because it is in God’s vision that we receive life!!!

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

So do not let time crush you. Do not die in the waiting. Desire cometh does not mean that you get the thing that you have been waiting for. It means that you still have the desire to have it! Simply put it means you haven’t given up on your dream!

So whatever that desire is wake it up!!! Do not let it lay dormant never allowing it hope! Because God says that the vision is real and it will come to pass.

Habakkuk 2:2-3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.


So believe in your vision!! Write your vision, pray over your vision, and trust that God is who he says he is!!!!!

Quote: Faith and Hope gives us life!!!

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Myth Of The Grind…

Today I wanted to kind of dispel a myth. Sometimes we can feel so pressed to make it to the vision that we literally can stress ourselves sick. We hear the motivational speeches about working for hours upon hours forsaking sleep, rest, and peace of mind. I am sorry but I do not agree with this method.

Yes, I believe you have to put in work for your dreams. I believe that you have to put in the time and effort. I believe that sometimes you will have to forsake sleep and rest but you should not feel overwhelmed or stressed. That pretty much defeats the purpose of your vision.

Your vison should not enslave you it should empower you.

Your vision should motivate you, quicken you, inspire you…not tire you. Yes I get having to put in your all, your very being into a dream.

There was a time where I was working a full-time job and trying to fit in time to work on my dream. It was hard after working an 8 to 9-hour day not including travel time. Getting home and cleaning, cooking, preparing for the next day. Not to mention trying to meal prep and get and a work out in, serve my church and community…it can be overwhelming.

It took planning on my part to make this schedule feasible. There were things that I had to cut out like hanging out with friends, watching TV, lounging around, etc. My dream was worth the sacrifice but I refused to sacrifice my health.

Instead of staying up late watching TV or talking on the phone I went to sleep at a decent hour. I would make the time to get up a couple hours earlier so that I could work out. I would take the time on my days off to get my house in order, meal prep, do laundry instead of maybe going to the mall on a Saturday.

It was conscious sacrifice that help me realize my vision. Not working until I dropped only getting 3 hours of sleep and getting my grind on as some would say.

So when you think about the things you need to do to accomplish your vision do not get overwhelmed. Do not take on the mindset of all or nothing or extremes. Our God is a God of balance. Ask him to help you make a way for you to do the things that you need to do and he will.


Quote: It was conscious sacrifice that help me realize my vision.

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Change Is Coming!!!

There are so many gifts, talents, and wonders locked inside of us that it seems impossible that we are not all exactly where we want to be in life. That we are not all doing amazing things. Changing the world, creating a world that is beautiful, loving and inspiring. I mean we are all capable but somehow many of us struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Then we continue to struggle throughout our daily lives. We struggle all the way to the next day and then the cycle begins again.

Why are we in this constant struggle. It is because we are not obedient and we are not committed.  In order to be successful, we must have these two components.

In our society we tend to celebrate the rebel. Afterall Jesus was a rebel wasn’t he…no he was not. Jesus was not a rebel simply because he rebelled against the establishment of his time. Jesus was not a rebel he was obedient just to a different law. Jesus was obedient to God’s law and he was committed to accomplishing the task or mission that he was sent here to complete.

Jesus never deterred. He was never distracted because he would not allow it. He was committed to the task and there was nothing more important to him than completing that task.

So I sat here going over my life in my head. Trying to understand all the things that I have accomplished and all the things I want to accomplish. Thinking about my God given calling, my God given talents, gifts, and blessings. It still bothered me that I had not done more…I mean I could have done more. What was the hold up…me. The hold up was and is me.

It isn’t life or situations or any of the things that we tend use to explain where we are or where we are not in life. How many things have you rebelled against that really could have helped you move to the next step in life. Something as simple as a morning routine or making a weekly or daily agenda has the power to change your life. It has the power to move you into the next step of your life. I know you may be thinking something so trivial couldn’t have a big impact but it does!

But a lot of us do not do these things because we have decided to rebel against the “self-help” boom or we have decided that we don’t have the 10 or 15 mins. it would take to make a weekly agenda, or a monthly budget, or simple exercise routine, or whatever it is. Because we have decided that it is too much to make a commitment to simple changes in our lives is it so surprising that lack commitment in big areas of our lives.

We lack commitment to our marriages, to  our children, to our friendships, to our jobs, and most of all to God.

Remember God said if you are good with few then I will give you many. So how can God bless us with these huge blessings we are asking for when we can’t even commit to our own lives. Just to being healthy, organized, spiritual in our growth. How many things have we started and quit. I can personally say quite a few and because I have quit those things I never saw the fullness of what they could have truly been.


So lesson of the day take on the mindset of obedience and commitment and see how far it takes you!!! It will take you a place of change…


So what can I say about 2017. 2017 was truly a year of transition for me. I lost a lot in 2017 but I also gained a lot in 2017. I lost a job but gained a business. I lost an apartment but gained a house. I lost a car but gained an even better car and finally just as 2017 was about to come to an end…I lost my earthly father but I gained more faith and trust in my heavenly one.

This year has truly taught me that there is a blessing just on the other side if we can press in and push through. That being said I don’t want to give the impression that any of this was easy because this year has been one of the most difficult years of my life.

There was so much heartache and pain that I felt broken many, many times. There were many moments where I thought “I can’t do this.  I am not strong enough. I don’t have the knowledge, the know how, or the energy for this!” There were tear stained pillows and sleepless nights. People who I thought would love me through it ended up being the ones that hurt me the most.

I was angry, sad, mad and at times I felt completely hopeless… but God. Those two little words (but God) became my saving grace. See resilience is built on a strong foundation. I remembered my rock.

Psalm 78:35 And they remembered that God was their rock, And the Most High God their Redeemer.

I remembered who it is that I serve. So I had to make a choice. Do I give up or do I believe in the one that has held me up since the beginning of time. My God is not a man that he shall lie. His word will not return void. He has written the story of my life from beginning to end. He knows what lies before me. He guides, orders, and protects me so though I walk through the valley I shall fear nothing because I know my God is with me and his favor will follow me all the days of my life.

Not only did I have to say these words over and over just to have the will to raise my head in the morning but I had to etch them on my heart to be able to keep breathing until night. There was so many times when I said, “If I can just touch the hem of his garment. Then the bleeding will stop. And the life within me will be restored.” I reached for his hem daily and there were days that I fell short.

There were days that the anger and pain that I held within threatened to consume me…but God. But God. The God of hope. The God of love. There is nothing that can separate me from his love. So though there are parts of 2017 that still linger. There are still struggles that I am having to see my way through.

The storm isn’t quite over yet but I proclaim that 2018 is still a year of victory. I proclaim that every promise will be fulfilled. Every vision will come to fruition. Though we may not understand everything. Though it may seem as if everything is at a standstill. Though we may want a mountain to move or a sea to split wait patiently and faithfully because your Abba God is working tirelessly on your behalf so be still and know that he is God!

So I enter 2018 with hope and faith. With a belief that will always allow me to smile…

Harness The Power Of The Dream!!!

As I sit here it dawns on me that as I work on one thing or another though I may seem scattered I am following the law of the supreme dream. The law of the supreme dream is that there is one passion that is driving your every action.

If your actions are scattered then there is a lack of knowing. So, we are actually getting into another law here. The law of knowing which I think I have written about before. The law of knowing is an innate thing. It is when something inside of you just knows that this, (whatever this is), is the right path for you.

If you are scattered in your activities and nothing seems to be fitting together then you have lost the power of the supreme dream.

The power of the supreme dream is a power that will motivate you to walk on broken glass, hot coals and even water! Peter had a supreme dream. To follow Christ wherever he went even on water. Was he afraid yes. Did it seem impossible yes…but he knew in his soul that this was the right path.

The disciples of Christ did many things throughout their journey and their lives but everything fit under one umbrella! The Umbrella of living for Christ and God. That was their supreme dream. We can learn so much from the bible and this is one of the lessons we must learn to truly move forward in our calling and our purpose!

We must learn what is the supreme dream is for us!

There are several ways to tap into the power of the supreme dream!

  1. Let God tell you! This is first and foremost. God is our creator. He knows what he created us to do. He put that supreme dream deep within us so let him call it out of you!
  2. Be willing to walk away. Sometimes we have put so much time and effort into something that it literally breaks us to leave it behind. I put a lot time and money in my education and in my career to only have to leave it behind to follow my true purpose. That being said though it was one of the hardest things that I had to do it was also the most rewarding. I have never had the passion and purpose that have now in my life. I would not go back to who I used to be for a million dollars which leads me to my next point.
  3. Money has nothing to do with your supreme dream. That dream that motivates your every action is something you would do absolutely for free! As I sit here writing this blog there is no one saying hey here is even 50 bucks to do this. I do this because it a part of my calling, my purpose, and my dream. That is not to say that one day I won’t get paid to blog or do some of the other things that I do but my point is…that is not why I do it. I do it simply because I know that in my soul that I am on the right path!
  4. Doors will open! When you are walking on the right path you begin to notice different paths beginning to attach. These different paths lead to opportunities that you would have never imagined. (Your gifts make room for you) and so does your passion. Have you ever taken notice of someone or even invested with someone simply because of the passion they had for what they are doing? Well that is what happens when you tap into the power of the supreme dream!! The trick is to take those opportunities as they come do not be afraid of them and do not force them.

So that is it for today! I am super excited because I feel that this will help someone truly tap into their supreme dream!!!

Quote: The power of the supreme dream is a power that will motivate you to walk on broken glass, hot coals and even water!

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I AM The Little Rock!!

Question: If we took a rock and broke it down into its basic properties and made a smaller rock; would the smaller rock still be a rock? Would the smaller rock be able to do the same things as the bigger rock just on a smaller scale or would the rock which is made out of the same exact materials somehow be a different creation?

You may be saying the answer is obvious…well is it? If the answer is so obvious then why is it that we don’t understand that we are the smaller rock? God said that he made us in his own image. He is the bigger rock…so why do we act as if we are a completely different creations.

Why do we act like we have no control over this world? That things just happen to us and all we can do is hope for better. But what does God say? God says faith without works are dead. We have been given dominion! We own this world! It is our divine inheritance!

We have authority. We have power. We can crush the devils head and bring him under our submission!! We are not victims and we are not helpless.

We are just smaller versions of the most high. I know I may get flack for this but though we will never be our great Abba we are mini versions of him. And just like he has the power over everything in all the universe we have power and authority over our miniature world. He gave us that!

Genesis 1:26-(KJV)

26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

We have dominion over the earth. What does that mean? It means we have sovereignty, control, mastery and supremacy. We are the supreme beings here on this earth just as our father is the supreme being of all the heavens and the earth.

We have the power to manifest through our words. Manifest through our hands. To manifest through our very presence. Our very footsteps are power that create authority wherever we tread!

God took a piece of his DNA, of his energy, of his being and created us. Our authority is absolute here on this earth. We have dominion over the energy of the earth. We have dominion over the currency of the earth.

There is so much inside of us we just have to call it out into existence. There are some of us who wish we had more focus. Our God is a God of focus. You have it just call it out of you! Take dominion! Master your focus.

I want more order in my life. Then manifest it from within. Our God is a God of order so order is inside of you! It is in your DNA.

Truly when we find God we find out exactly who we are!!!

Quote: Our very footsteps are power that create authority wherever we tread!

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Blessings and See You Next Time!!

I See The Truth In You

I came to the realization that I have been stuck for a long time. Though there has been some progression I have to be completely and totally honest with myself. I could have gotten a lot further if only I had truly seen myself for exactly what I was.

Not to say that I was bad or anything…but just that there are some things about me that desperately needed to be revamped. There were old attitudes and belief systems that honestly did not work for me anymore…and some that were faulty from the very beginning.

There was also times when I had been swayed to move when I shouldn’t or stand firm when I should have let go.

All of this boils down to my unwillingness to allow my reality to change.

So what is reality: Reality by definition is the true situation that exists.

So in essence your reality is your truth. That is why is so difficult to change your reality. It would mean having to change your truth. It would mean admitting that something you have based your life on may be a lie or simply not what you thought is should be, or could be. It means that something in your reality has influenced your perspective and it needs to be changed.

For example: If you truly believe that you are failure then you will never allow your realty to tell you anything different. You will self -sabotage, you won’t try new things, you will not invest in your future…because in your mind what would be the point. The reality is that you are going to fail because you are a failure. So ultimately you will create the reality that is true to you.

We must have a fluid perspective. One that is renewed, moves, and changes.

So here are 4 ways to know if your perspective is allowing your reality to change

  1. You do not assume to know all the details. God tells us to not lean on our own understanding. That he knows the plans he has for us. That he is the author. The truth; the reality is that we do not know everything and we do not always know the outcome but we have try anyway. A fluid perspective is one based on faith.
  2. Your perspective is not limited: God once asked me” why are you basing your future on your present situation”, this shocked me because he was completely right. I had placed limits on myself without even realizing it. Whenever we limit ourselves if based off of money, time, what have you we have just changed our truth. A fluid perspective believes in limitless possibilities.
  3. You are always taking in new information: Whenever we think we know it all we have accepted the truth that it can’t get any better. Things don’t have to be bad to get better. If you are a millionaire why not be a billionaire. If you have one successful business why not have two or find ways to make your business more successful. A fluid perspective is always looking for ways to progress.
  4. You are willing: You have to simply be willing. Willing to look at things differently. Willing to admit when you are wrong. Willing to try a new thing or even go back to and old idea if it works. A fluid perspective is always willing to change.

This week God has really been speaking about perspective. There is a spiritual law of Perspective because there is a spiritual power in perspective. All spiritual laws have the power to create and destroy and neither one of these are good or bad. Sometimes things need to be destroyed so other things can be created.

The point is to allow both to happen! Allow your reality to change!!!


Quote: Things don’t have to be bad to get better.

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Though seasons change

Ok so I was sitting here trying to work on a business endeavor that seems to just be going nowhere. I was getting so frustrated with the whole process. I began to question my own abilities, gifts, and talents. But then I began to think…what if it is time to let this business venture go. What if it is out of season?

So here are 4 ways to tell if you are out of season:

  1. You can tell you are out of season when something has no life: It is time for a new beginning. A new beginning means something fresh. Like a fresh anointing renews us it regenerates us. Life moves. It changes and is always creating something new. If you have a business, a blog, an idea that isn’t generating new possibilities it is out of season. Give it a fresh anointing. Let go of the old and create something new! Ecclesiastes 3:1-2To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born…
  2. You can tell when you are out of season when your investment gives no return: Lots of times we do things too fast. We are a society that prides itself on quantity not quality. We want to get as much done as fast as possible. We think building a business, writing a book or what have you should be done in a day. Then we are surprised when we do not see the profits are the benefits. But you can’ reap what you haven’t sown. If you feel that you are not getting anything in return for what you have put in maybe you uprooted your harvest before it had time to produce. Ecclesiastes 3:1-2To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted…
  3. You can tell you are out of season when you have no passion: Passion is what fuels our desire. We can have the desire to start a business but if we have no passion for it, no drive, no love for it then we will not do it. Or even worse when our passion dies in the process we begin to hate the very thing we used to love. If this is you then this is a season of letting go. Maybe not starting anything new but just giving up what has long died in your heart. Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to die…
  4. You can tell you are out of season when there is no reason: You will lose passion for what does not have purpose. It is purpose that gives you the energy to invest. It is purpose that gives you new life, it is purpose that gives what you are doing quality and that quality will shine through!! Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…

So I will give you an example to show you that when you move with the seasons you will be successful.

I had a blog…well a couple of blogs before this one but there was no new energy in those blogs. I invested time into those blogs but they were still very immature. I published them too soon and so my return for my investment was not profitable. And, in the end I lost my desire to write for those blogs. I even hated to read those blogs. The topics had no true purpose to me. I could have been writing about cake one day and cars the next but none of those topics were really close to my heart.

So I had to give birth to a new creation a fresh blog with budding ideas. A blog with the energy of life contained within it. I constantly poured energy into this blog and did not publish it until it was ready to be read by the public. And, in the end…I love this blog. I am completely overwhelmingly passionate about it. There are times when I don’t have the creative energy to write but it’s the passion I have for this blog that will give me inspiration. This blog has purpose! It helps me give people the opportunity to learn and grow!

The blog you are reading was born in season. It has life, it has success, it has passion and it has a purpose!!

You have to live and work within the season.

So I challenge you to take a fresh look at whatever you are doing and figure out; is it in season…

Quote: You will lose passion for what does not have purpose.

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Blessings and See You Next Time!!