The Question Of Suffering: Why Me And Why Now?

Sometimes it feels like the bottom has fallen out of our lives. We are on this continuous downward spiral. Darkness is closing in and there is no hope of light ever breaking through. We ask why. Why has God forsaken us? Why has God allowed this to happen? We simply ask; why me?

Over the last couple of days, I have learned some of the answers to the whys and I really wanted to share it with you in the hopes that it will help someone who may be going through a rough patch.

So here are 3 reasons why….

  1. There are Lessons to be learned: If we are planted and rooted in God then we have the faith to know that everything works out for our good. Faith is not made strong in blindness but is made strong in the truth of God. If we take the time to truly know God, then the experience will not break us but it will make us wise. We will have a wisdom that we can carry with us and pass onto others.
  2. Because God trusts us: I cannot help but to think of Job. Job suffered tremendously, but it was because God trusted him. God knew that Job would make it through the hardship and that Job would never turn his back on God. Sometimes when we are going through tribulation it’s because God knows that we will never turn our back on him. It because God has placed his bet on the best of his children so be grateful and joyful that your father has so much faith and pride in you.
  3. To prepare us for the next level: I have gone through a lot of hardship and troubled times in my life but there was one particular time that seem to almost get the best of me. I cried out to God. I asked why, why me, why now, why, why, why; and I heard God say, “If you can’t handle this then you will never be able to go where I am taking you.” I said ok, and used the storm to carry me higher. To propel me to the next level. As the level gets higher the storms get stronger but this is an indication that you are growing. So do not be weary but rejoice that you will be better than what you were.

Quote: Faith is not made strong in blindness but it is made strong in the truth of God.

I really hope this helps someone. It helped me just by writing it!! When you are going through a rough season it helps the soul to help others…FYI

Blessings and See You Next Time

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6 Steps To Making It Through The Storm.

 Psalm 46:10: Be still and know that I am God.

Psalms 46:10 is one of the most comforting verses in the entire bible. When we go through trial and tribulation we are so prone to going into crisis mode.

We immediately start to think of what we can do to fix the situation…but usually it is not anything we can fix. At least not immediately.

During trial and tribulation is when Christ is set, prime, and ready to intercede on our behalf but we get in his way.

Storms will come but we must ride them out in good cheer!!!

So here are 6 steps to making it through the storm.

Firstly, know that he is God. Pray to your comforter. Let him surround you in his warmth and protection. Keep your eye on him and not on your circumstances.

Secondly, Be still. Don’t rush into any decisions. Your mind is in a panic usually and you are not thinking straight. Just take the time to be still. Sit, breath, and then think strategically not panicky.

Thirdly, call on your prayer warriors to carry your vision when you cannot. Christ tells us where two or more or gathered. We need each other. Sometimes our faith wavers we are human. We need our brothers and sisters to lean on when we cannot stand.

Fourthly, close your mouth. When Jesus was going to be crucified he told his disciples that he would not be saying much. He was going through trial and tribulation and he knew the power of his words. Would he speak negativity or speak in fear…no he sat silent. We should learn a lesson from this and do the same.

Fifthly, fly like an eagle.  Let the storm carry you to another height so that you can soar. Don’t avoid or try to wish it away. Look for the purpose of it all, learn the lesson, and come out even stronger when all is said and done.

Finally, Don’t stop. Keep your joy. Keep singing. Keep worshiping. Keep dancing and keep praising. Don’t seclude yourself. Stay in love. Love for yourself, love for the people around you and love for the father. Do something nice for someone else, pray for others, give to others, it will heal you. Stay in gratitude and know that you are blessed.

Friday Challenge: Help someone through the storm. Pray for someone, pray with someone, serve this weekend, your church, an organization, or your neighbor. Forget about you and your problems. Just be still and know that he is God.

Quote: Let the storm carry you to another height so that you can soar.

Be Blessed See You Next Time!!!!

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Could This Be The Next Global Pandemic: 7 Ways To Heal The Soul!

Soul sickness is a nasty contagious virus that has gripped our society. It infects the body, the mind, and the heart and eventually will lead to gangrene of the spirit. A condition known as spirit rot.

Soul Sickness is spread through mental and emotional contact…i.e, what we hear, see say and do.

To get the full story on this nasty contagion read “Symptoms of a dying soul” and take notes!!!!  Also can be found at

If you find that you are in fact a carrier of this soul rotting sickness I do have good news.

There is a cure!!!!

Here are 7 ways to heal the soul

  1. Rest: I think we underestimate the power of rest. I want you to really think about something. In Genesis when God tells us how he creates the world after each day God says that he rested. God did not have to tell us that he rested but he did. We should take wisdom from our father and realize the importance of resting our bodies and our minds. Matthew 11:28
  1. Peace: Peace is one of grace filled gifts from God. We cannot get peace in the world and if we try we will only continue to live in a state of trouble or chaos. We can only get peace from God. Pray for peace it is rest for the soul. John 14:27 
  1. Serving: There is nothing more soul lifting then serving others. Serving is a form of worship and it will heal the soul in extraordinary ways. Exodus 23:25 
  1. Righteousness: Obedience does not buy our way into heaven. Obedience does not cause God to love us more. One of the things obedience does do is it allows God to pour into us because we are clean vessels. It allows God to restore us.  Psalms 23:3
  1. Confession: We have to admit our faults so that we can change them or we will continue to repeat the same behavior that is causing our soul to be sick. We cannot heal what we will not admit. Confess and move on. James 5:16 
  1. Vision: We have to have a vision for our life. Vision is a calling and a purpose. It wakes us up. Vision inputs creativity and accomplishment into our lives. It gives us passion and fuel our souls. Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)
  1. Love: Oh this Agape is loaded with so many gifts that it hard to fathom. God is Love so we must realize the true power of Love is to elevate us to our highest frequency, our highest potential, and our highest state of being. Love purifies the soul. It washes our soul in the in water of life and allows us to live again. 1 Peter 1:22 (KJV)


Quote: We cannot heal what we will not admit.

Blessings and See You Next Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Ways To Supercharge Your Mind.

Do we know that our minds inhabit the force of change?

Romans 12:2 (KJV): “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Everything begins with our minds.  If we cannot change our minds then we will never change anything else.

It is the power of the set mind that builds a life that we want to live in or a life that we wish we could escape from.

Question; where have you set your mind? Is your mind set on faith or fear, on who you were or who you want to be… and what are you doing to renew your mind?

Here are 3 ways to supercharge your mind.

  1. Information: We are what we eat. It is the same with the mind. We think what we consume. We have to be diligent in what we watch and what we hear. We have to invest in our minds. Go to school, buy books, invest in seminars, webinars, online course etc. Gather mentors that can speak success into you. I have a life coach, mentors, and spiritual teachers. I even have mentors that I have never met. John Maxwell, Tony Robinson, Jentzen Franklin, Suzie Ormon, Charles Stanley, Oprah Winfrey, Tamara Lowe; just to name a few. I read their books, watch their videos, attend their webinars and apply what I learn to my life. If you put your money in your mind you will never go broke.
  2. Environment: Birds of feather…we are who we fly with. We have to surround ourselves with positive, like -minded people. We also have to surround ourselves with successful people, people that are doing the things that we want to do and they are doing them well. Instead of going to the places I would normally go with the people I would normally go with I went to networking events, empowerment workshops, spiritual development trainings. I went out of my comfort zone and I went by myself. If you are trying to change your environment you can’t take the old environment with you. We have to step out and discover the next level of living.
  3. Our filter: Our filter is how we process information. If you have a negative filter, then any information that you receive will have a negative tone. So what is your filter? I can tell you what the best filter is…of course it is God. God is my filter. So whatever information I receive I filter it through the word, knowledge, and wisdom of God. This strengthens my faith, brings me peace and joy no matter the circumstances and keeps me progressive always moving toward my destiny!! My mindset is fierce because God is my filter!

Quote: It is the power of the set mind that builds a life that we want to live in or a life that we wish we could escape from.

If you put your money in your mind you will never go broke.

Blessings See You Next Time!!!!!!!!!

Agape: 4 Ways That We Love God

Today God laid it on my heart to just speak to you about him. His sheep are so lost that some of us may never find our way back because we are so far from him that darkness and blindness saturates our lives.

A life far from God is a life not worth living. It is only living in the will of God that we become relevant.

So how is it that we have strayed so far from the narrow path of righteousness? It is because we do not know him and we do not know ourselves.

So what’s the solution…well to know God is to love God. But how do we discover our identity? This question was so heavy. I was searching for an answer and God whispered to me, “that you will never know who you are until you love me”.

Our true identity is in him. It is in our love for him that we discover who we are. How Amazing!!!!

So here are 4 ways that we show our love for God.

  1. We love God by giving him all of our being. We cannot keep pieces of ourselves from him. We cannot keep pieces of our lives from him. With God there is no compromise. You have to be all in; mind, body, heart, and soul.
  2. We love God by loving ourselves because how can I love my neighbor if I do not love myself.

Luke 10:27 KJV– Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself.

  1. We love God by being obedient to him.

John 14:15 KJV – If ye love me, keep my commandments.

  1. We love God by living in our spirit instead of in our flesh. Meaning we separate from the ways, doctrine, and knowledge of the world and follow the ways, doctrine, and wisdom of God.

1 John 2:15-17 KJV– Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

So I have decided every Friday there will be a challenge to take us through the weekend.

Friday challenge: Study God’s commandments, pray and let God etch them on your heart. Try your best to be obedient to him. Actively think about your thoughts, your actions, and your speech and keep a journal. Keeping a journal forces, us to think about things instead of living passively. A journal helps us tune in to those things that we need to change and develop. A journal also chronicles this amazing quest that you have chosen to embark.

Quote: It is only living in the will of God that we become relevant.

Many Blessings See You Next Time!!!!!

Agape!!! 6 Truths About Love

Love has come up several times in the last couple of days. The topic has spanned from loving each other as people, to romantic relationships, to loving oneself, to prayer itself being an expression of love, to grace being the ultimate love. So I decided we should talk about love!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of us just love; love and others hate love, and even others just simply do not understand love while others are searching for love, but how many of us know that God is love. He is made of love and true love comes from God.

Therefore, to truly understand love, we have to go to the source.

Here are 6 truths about Love!!

  1. True love is merciful: Jesus said let those who have not sinned cast the first stone. Jesus could have cast the first stone because he was sinless but yet he was merciful. We don’t always have to stone someone. If we truly love in the way that God loves, then we will be merciful.
  2. True love is self -sacrificing: True love does not fit you into its schedule. True love sacrifices its time. This is a simple statement but embodies the concept of sacrifice. True love does not love you only when it is convenient.
  3. True love is patient: True Love does not rush us. It does not force us to walk when we are still learning to crawl. It does not manipulate or try to break us. True love respects our time table and patiently waits.
  4. True love is edifying: True love makes us better people. It is not critical. It challenges us to rise to our highest potential. It corrects and instructs in order to improve not tear down.
  5. True love is forgiving: Not only does true love forgive it also forgets. True Love does not keep score of wrongs. It is not spiteful or vengeful.
  6. True love is protecting: True love is a journal for the heart. It protects the secrets of the soul allowing one to confide, to be transparent and vulnerable. True love creates a safe place where there is no judgment or condemnation.

My prayer is this:  God help me to be merciful and not judgmental. Help me make time for others in need. Help me to be patient. Give me the understanding and the strength to be introspective so that I may challenge myself and others to live at our highest potential. Help me to forgive and forget. Help me protect the hearts of others just as you have always protected and forgiven me.

So What is your prayer?

Quote: True love is a journal for the heart.

Many blessings and see you next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Privilege Of Prayer:4 Reasons To Pray

To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing. By: Martin Luther

Prayer is the most important aspect of the Christian life. It is the necessary walk with God that propels us into growth and intimacy. Without prayer there is no enlightenment, establishment, or epiphany.  Revelation is nonexistent and God’s will a mystery.

That being said most of us treat prayer like a chore or its only something we do when we need something. Some take prayer and make God our servant. We pray for things without every taking the time to thank him, praise him, and worship him.

We pray in disobedience with sinful hearts and manipulate thoughts.

We pray and never ask God what is that you want to say to me in this time where it is just you and I.

Simply put many of us just do not know the concept of prayer.

So here are 4 reasons we should pray.

  1. Prayer establishes our relationship with God: Prayer is one of most important aspects of our relationship with God and it is very important to him. Prayer is where we commune with God and build our one on one relationship with him.
  2. In prayer we are healed: There is a healing that takes place when we are in prayer When we pray we are in God’s presence. To be in God’s presence is to be healed. There is a soothing of the spirit and a ministering to the heart that rejuvenates us and quickens us so that we can press on.
  3. Prayer awakens us to God: It is in prayer that we see God, hear God, and feel God. It wakes us up to him. It allows us to know his will for our lives, it allows us to receive inspiration, it allows us to tap into all the gifts that he has put inside of us. Prayer can literally transform us. Prayer is where our burdens can be lifted, or faith strengthened, our spirit edified and our path clarified.
  4. Prayer is a privilege!!!!: So many of us think of prayer as an obligation, a ritual, or something that we just have to make time to do but prayer is a privilege. In prayer we have access to the creator of the Universe. He will sit with us. He will guide us, answer us, assist us, heal us, provide for us, and all we have to do is ask. He allows us to be in his presence. He will come when we call him no matter the hour he is never too busy for us. Prayer invokes the power of God to move on our behalf and to give us favor. There is no greater privilege than prayer.

This is just the beginning of the topic of prayer. God is calling on his people to pray and prayer is an expansive topic. I feel so blessed to have the honor and venue to speak about the power and privilege of prayer.

Many blessings and see you next time!!!!!



10 Symptoms Of A Dying Soul

This blog was not planned but I was speaking to a friend last night and I was explaining to her that there was a time in my life where I felt that my soul was dying. I thought about it for hours and I began to feel that place again. I could feel my heart just sink into this heaviness and I wondered how many of us are carrying around these heavy burdens that are killing our soul.

I thought about my life at that time and there were symptoms that my soul was dying though at the time I could not see them. I went back to an older blog where I had talked about this topic before and I decided to repost because some things are worth a second look.

So here are 10 symptoms of a dying soul.

  1. Your gift is extinguished. You don’t paint anymore, you don’t sing anymore, you don’t write anymore, there is no fire, no inspiration.
  2. Chaos and confusion is the norm peace is a rare occurrence in your life.
  3. Avoidance behavior become daily occurrences…you can even call them addictions. Drugs, alcohol, some people even become addicted to the drama and chaos.
  4. The people you surround yourself with will consume you. Their lives are full of confusion and what you would call drama.
  5. You can go days, weeks, maybe even years where God is never a topic of conversation. You do not go to church, you do not read the bible and you do not surround yourself with believers.
  6. Everything that must be accomplished is on your shoulders. Every burden is yours. There is no surrender to God or anyone else.
  7. There is an inability to be honest with oneself. There is no inner searching or introspection.
  8. There is no change. You are stuck in a frozen season and you should know the only time we stop changing is when we die.
  9. You do nothing to inspire your mind. Nothing to motivate you to accomplish.
  10. You live your life in survival mode. You live to just get to the next day. Day to day existence will kill a soul faster than anything.

I hope this empowered change!

Quote: The only time we stop changing is when we die.

Many Blessings See You Next Time!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Purposes of Grace

There have been so many misconceptions about grace. I will admit that I have been confused about the whole concept of grace. I found myself asking; what is the real purpose of grace? Is it so I can live the way I want without care of sin or judgment or is something else completely?

God has always told me, “If you are ever confused then seek my word”, and that is exactly what I did.

What I found was 4 purposes of Grace.

  1. The purpose of grace is to makes us exceedingly rich: Grace is filled with the overflow of God’s undying eternal love for us. Grace is true agape! It is the gift from God that makes us rich in the promises of God.
  2. The purpose of grace is to bond us to Christ: It is by grace that we are with Christ and he is with us. It is by grace that when God looks at us he sees his son not our sin.
  3. The Purpose of Grace is to renew us: Grace is workmanship that transforms us and recreates us. It is the reason that we are able to be made new in Jesus Christ. Grace allows us to hear the truth of God and live according to his will.
  4. The purpose of grace is that we may have our divine inheritance: Grace brings us back to our father and as his children we inherit from him. We inherit the spirit of wisdom, revelation, knowledge, understanding, hope, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, redemption, salvation, peace, joy, and so much more.

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God for his grace. God’s grace is the very definition of agape love. As receivers of this awe inspiring gift we have the responsibility, duty, and command to give it to others, to live according to God’s will, and to experience the blessed life.

Wondering where I received this revelation check out Ephesians 1 and 2

Many Blessings See You Next Time!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote: God has always told me, “If you are ever confused then seek my word”.

3 Steps To Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is one of the defining principles of the Christian life and does not happen without active purposeful action.

You do not find God by accident. God is an on purpose being. To find an on purpose being you must make finding him your purpose.

We as humans tend to make things very complicated but here are three simple steps to growing in God.

  1. Read your bible daily: Just pick it up and read. It does not matter which chapter or verse as long as you are reading God’s word. Do not be discouraged if you do not understand everything. Just continue to read and the Lord will reveal the meaning to you as he begins to pour his love into you.
  2. Fellowship: Many times we believe that we can discover God alone. Simply not true. Go to church, get into a bible study group, and socialize with other Christians. This will help build your faith and understanding of God. Feeling the love of other believers will bring you into the love of God.
  3. Prayer and Worship: Prayer and worship is God’s ultimate love language. It builds intimacy with him.We were made to commune with him and he loves spending time with us. Prayer and worship brings us into his presence. So spend some alone time with God in his sacred space.

If you take the time to do these 3 simple yet necessary steps you will experience God in a way that you never have before.

Many blessings on your journey see you next time!!!!!!

Quote: To find an on purpose being you must make finding him your purpose.