It Is Time To Make A Change: 7 Questions That Provoke Change

So if anyone knows me then they know I am all about self -improvement. With all the things that we can work on in the world there is nothing more important than working on us.

This is what God commands of us. It is the spiritual law of growth. We are live organic and spiritual beings. We evolve, we grow, we change. The Christian life is a life of steady growth.

God convicts us and challenges us. He holds us accountable, and disciplines us so that we can change. So that we may be transformed into the image of his son.

That being said change is tangible. Change is something in which we actively participate.

So here are 7 questions you should ask yourself to provoke true change.

  1. What do you trust? Really think about this question. What do you trust? Where do you place your belief? Does your behavior denote that you trust what you think you do? Many of us will say God but do we really trust him? So here is a bonus question: How do you show that you trust something or someone? Evaluate your behavior with God. Do you act as if you trust him?
  2. If you died tomorrow would you have any regrets? If so, then what are they? What can you do now so that you will have no regrets later?
  3. If I were you what advice would you give me that could help me achieve my goals? For example, if I came to me with my life I would say “You need to take better control of your finances and you need to love you just the way you are.”
  4. If it wasn’t impossible what would you do? Lots of times we do not try things because we think it is impossible. But spiritual law says that all things are possible through our savior Jesus Christ. So if we thought that all things were possible what we do? Would we start that business, go look for the house we always wanted, make plans to travel the world? What would it be for you? Decide and then take action!
  5. When are you going to start? Whatever it is what are you waiting for? I will start exercising when…I will go back to school when….just start! Make the workout plan. Fill out the school application. Whatever it is just start!
  6. What is my purpose for being born? God put all of us here to fulfill a purpose. He stores all these gifts and dreams inside of us and he waits for us to finally come to him so that he can pull those treasures from inside of us and give them to the world. Do you know what is inside of you? When are going to find out?
  7. Who am I? This is the most important question on this list I think. Who are you? What are your dreams, aspirations? What makes you angry? Who makes you angry and why? What makes you laugh? Who is that you can’t live without?

Quote/Question: How do you show that you trust something or someone?

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Ok So Friday Challenge: I challenge you to do #4! Think of one thing you would do if you didn’t think it was impossible. If you didn’t have all of the perceived obstacles. How would you maneuver around those obstacles? How would you make this dream a possibility? After you figure it all out I challenge you to actually do it!!!

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Blessings See You Next Time!!!!

I Can’t See You; 5 Steps To Strengthen Your Faith

You know if we really believe what we see then it is no wonder that many of us are so disheartened. I find myself looking at my world and wondering how am I going to pay this or how am I going to have the time to do all the things I have to do, or…I could go on and on and on.

Sometimes I feel this pressure beginning to build and it used to take me over. I would live in depression not knowing where to turn or what to do.

Well honestly my life has not gotten any easier but I have found the more I grow in God the more I can believe in him and not what I see. So when these seeds of doubt begin to poison my spirit I take the steps to bring myself back to God and strengthen my faith in him.

Because I keep my eyes on God I have joy despite my circumstances. I have peace no matter the chaos going on around me. We have to learn how to have that immovable spirit that can withstand all fiery trials and it begins with our faith.

So here are 5 steps to strengthen your faith

  1. I speak it until I believe it: When the negativity begins to seep in I immediately speak faith. I affirm my belief that I know God will provide, protect and guide me.
  2. I read scripture: When I am in doubt and I am afraid of my circumstances I read my bible. I have verses that are already marked so that I turn right to them.
  3. I think about what God has already done: I remind myself of all the other times where my circumstances said you are going to fail, you are not going to make it but God never failed to come to through for me then and he will not fail now.
  4. I know that God is in control. No matter what is happening God is in control and everything will work out for my good. I sit in that knowledge and I allow it to give me peace in the midst of the storm.
  5. I surround myself with believers. This is why it is so important to have godly friends and to have a church family. It is imperative for times like these. You need those who can strengthen your faith. Those that can believe when you can’t and can stand for you when you are weak.


Quote: The more I grow in God the more I can believe in him and not what I see.

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Just A Message

With everything going on it is no wonder that sometimes no matter how hard we try the negative seeps in. The fear enters into our psyche. The anger takes over our words. Our actions are fueled by pain and our walk is characterized by dread. Believe it or not that is ok. Life can be unbearable but know that this is normal.  

1 Peter 4:12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you

There is a reason Jesus said I will help you carry your burden. It is because he knew that our burdens would be too heavy. There is a reason that Jesus said do not be weary. It is because he knew that we would get weary. There is a reason that Jesus tells us do not fear. It is because he knew that we would be afraid. There is a reason that God said he is our comforter. It is because he knew we will need comfort. There is a reason that God said I am your protector. It is because he knew we will need protection. There is a reason that Jesus said come to me all that suffer. It is because he knew that we will suffer.

It is ok that we go through the things that we go through. It is not strange. It is not because we are not good Christians. It is not because we are being punished. It is because we are human and this is life. Our jobs are not try to understand everything that happens to or around us. It is not our jobs to reason  what is unreasonable. It is not our jobs to fix what is unfixable. It is not our jobs to be unbreakable. We are human! We break. We cry. We wonder why.

But the only job we truly have is to go to God. Go to God for rest. Go to God for peace. Go to God for relief. Go to God for justice. Go to God for guidance. Go to God and he will make a way.

Stop fighting. Stop trying to figure it all out. Stop being angry and allowing bitterness to take root in your heart.

Give God your burdens, your fear, your anger, your unrest, your hate, your confusion and remember the only thing that will heal all, that will right wrongs, that will break strongholds and cast our fear is perfect love.


That is all today. No list. No challenge. Just a message. Rest in God.

Blessings and See You Next Time.

It’s All About Love: 4 Simple Ways To Let Yourself Know That You Love You

I have talked about love often on my blog but I don’t think I have spent much time talking about love of oneself.

It is a spiritual law that we love ourselves and know our worth. It is the spiritual law of identity. We must know who we are in God. By knowing who we are in God we have no other choice but to believe and accept that we are worthy of all of life’s goodness. To believe otherwise would be to call God a liar.

Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

If you do not truly love yourself nothing good can come to you or from you. Agape love is an open love. Your heart is open to receive and give love. Your mind is open to receive and give love. Most of all your hands are open to give and receive love.

So many things flow from our hands and what flows from our hands is a direct result of what is in our heart and mind. If you are full of love your hands are open and nurturing. If you are not your hands are closed and harsh.

Here are 4 simple ways to let yourself know that you love you

  1. Buy yourself something nice: Do not be stingy with yourself. Buy something you really want and deserve. This is a signal to yourself you deem yourself worthy of the finer things in life. As you build this belief your energy will change and you will see a major difference in how you think and feel.
  2. Compliment yourself: Say good things about you! This goes back to positive affirmations. (which I will blog about) Tell yourself how beautiful or handsome you are. Tell yourself that is a nice outfit I have on today. Notice the good things you do and the things you accomplish. Tell yourself job well done!
  3. Pamper Yourself: Yes pamper yourself. This tells you that you think you are worthy of being taken care of. You are worthy of down time and me time. Take a long bath, get a massage, whatever pampering means to you…just do it!
  4. Go out and do something you love: Do something you have wanted to try but haven’t. Do something that makes you laugh hysterically. Do something that makes your spirit leap. Take that painting class you have always wanted to, go to a car show, or a play or whatever…just do something you love!

Quote: By knowing who we are in God we have no other choice but to believe and accept that we are worthy of all of life’s goodness and God’s glory.


Blessings See You Next Time!!!!

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It’s the Empowerment Routine: 5 Things You Should Do Every Morning To Empower Your Day!

First things first; how did Friday’s challenge go with everyone? Please tell me your results in the comments below. I am so excited to hear how things went. Let me know your success as well as if you had some obstacles. I would love to help with any blockages that you might have had.

I for one visualized a day of rest and I actually got a day of rest!! Which for me was rare. When you visualize you are demonstrating that you believe this is the way your day is going to be. Ever heard the saying if you believe you will achieve…well it is absolutely true. Visualizing your day is just a small demonstration of that principle. But it is actually a spiritual law. It is the Law of Believing.

Mark 11: 24 — Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. [KJV]

Ok totally did not mean to go there today. Just goes to show that if you allow yourself to be used by God he will flow through you.

So as promised here is the Empowerment Routine!!!! The principle of the routine is actually based on the spiritual law of discipline. Remember Discipline determines destiny, (Dr. Charles Stanley)

Here are 5 things you should do every morning to empower your day!

  1. Awaken your body: This is really important to get over that grogginess and build some energy for the day. Personally I dance in the mornings, some do yoga, others have their stretching routine; it doesn’t matter just get your body moving.
  2. Bring Peace to Your Mind: You are getting ready to go into the world which we know is full of chaos and negativity. It’s imperative that we center ourselves and set our minds so that we will not be knocked off balance. I pray, read my bible, visualize and meditate. Meditation is great. I will do a blog on how to meditate promiseJ
  3. Motivate Your Spirit: Bring some joy to your spirit before you leave your house in the morning. Joy is like carrying sunshine in your soul! I listen to my worship music, sing as loud as I can, and feel the holy spirit move all through my body. It’s Awesome!!!
  4. Positivity to Your Soul: Read an inspirational quote for the day. Something that you can hold on to that will keep you with a positive attitude. My quote for today: Follow Your Dreams They Know The Way (Kobi Yamada)
  5. Bring Love To Your Heart: This is perhaps the most important. We always want to operate from a place of Love. Before I leave my house in the morning I take the time to say my affirmations. I will get into affirmations on another blog. But just for an example one of my affirmations: Today I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.

Quote: Joy is like carrying sunshine in your soul!

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Blessings and See You Next Time!!!!!!!!!!!


I will bring Order to My World: 4 Ways to Manage the Chaos

So something that I have been dealing with for a while is how to bring order to the chaos. Without an order to things our focus is scattered and so is everything else including our money and how we use it.

To progress in life and have a life that we are excited about, there must be some order to the chaos. This is Spiritual Law everything must have an order.

So as I am living in my journey, which we all should be living in our journey not our past or our future. That was a little off topic…but maybe not. There is an order to the timeline that we must follow. If we live in our past, we become stuck never able to move forward. If we live in the future, we will neglect the things we must do in the present to build the future we deserve.

It’s all about order!! So as I am living in my journey I have discovered some ways to make life a little less chaotic.

  1. Have a routine: Routine is so important. Most successful people have some kind of morning routine. I have a morning routine, evening routine, and a morning work routine. I will be discussing this in my next blog. It’s called the empowerment routine!!! You won’t want to miss it trust me!
  2. Have a schedule: Ok so this is the one that gives me the most trouble but having a schedule will really bring some order to your life because it works on the spiritual law of writing the vision and making in plain. Have a vision for your day, every day. Take that vision and break it down into daily goals and give yourself deadlines to meet those goals.
  3. Break two of your bad habits: Most of us are only two habits away from success! So break two of your habits that throws your day into chaos. For me it was my habit of inconsistency and taking own too much. With the inconsistency I would be all in one day and all out the next and basically canceling out any progress that could have been made. With overloading my plate, it pulled me in a million and one directions which just contributed to the chaos.
  4. Take it day by day: You can’t do it all at one time. Take some time and try to make a schedule that you can stick to. Take some time to develop your daily routines. Take some time to think about your habits that you may want to change. The key to what I am saying is take some time.

If you do these four steps I guarantee you will see a natural change in your life that will bring calm and peace to the chaos.

I gotta admit I love our challenges and hope you guys do too! Hope they are making a big impact!

Friday Challenge!!!!!!!! Apply #2. Visualize your day every day and for the next 7 days write your goals and deadlines for each day.

When you wake up in the morning sit in your bed, or floor, couch wherever you are comfortable and visualize your day. Visualize how you want it to go and the things you want to accomplish and make your goal list. Keep a journal on your results!!!I bet you get more done and have more order in your day!!!!

I will be doing the Visualization challenge as well and I will post my results on my Facebook page “The Empowerment Circle”, be sure to join. I will also discuss results a little more in depth on my YouTube channel. Just go to YouTube and search be sure to subscribe!!!

Blessings See You Next Time!!!

The 3 C’s Of Sewing And Reaping

Many of us stand in one spot looking at our world and wondering…what has happened to our society?

Have you asked the question what have I done to contribute to society or what haven’t I done to contribute to the society in which we live.

There are 3 areas that truly make up our society. We all should take a personal inventory as to what seeds we have planted in these areas.

So here are the 3 C’s of sewing and reaping in a society.

  1. Children: Our children hold our promises. We have to sew into them the seeds of God so that we may reap goodness and glory in our society. If we sew bad seed then we reap bad harvest. Children become what they live. We all have the duty to sew good seeds into our children. It does not matter if you are a parent or not. It takes a village to raise a child. We owe it to our village, our society, and our God to give to all children. Genesis 18:19 
  2. Church: The church is the moral compass of the world. But it seems that one cannot distinguish the church from the world these days. We are to be teachers and we are called to mentor and disciple. Are we truly living up to the standards that God has set forth for us. What are we sewing into the church and what are we reaping? Are we making sure that the uncompromising message of the gospel is being spoken and heard. Romans 10:17
  3. Community: Our community is not just in the 4 walls of a building. Our community is made up of people. Are we sewing into people? Are we giving our money, time, resources, and energy to people. Are we sewing love, hate, or indifference into our communities? Matthew 25:34-40

If we are not giving  to these areas, if we are not walking in love in our society then the society we create is a society lacking in moral value, void of God or knowledge of him, swimming in false doctrine, a society that dehumanizes, a society that lives by the sword and dies by the sword, a society without compassion, mercy or grace…does this society sound familiar?

We owe it to ourselves and future generations to sew good seeds so that we may reap the promises of an abundant and prosperous society. A land made of milk and honey, not blood and anger.

Quote: Children become what they live.

Blessings and See You Next Time!!!!!


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Living With Expectation Is True Joy: 5 Expectations We Should Have

I had a revelation that one of the reasons I carry so much joy is because I live in expectation. But it also got me to thinking about all the times when expectation did the exact opposite and made me feel horrible.

Expectation can be a tricky thing. We can expect too little or expect too much. Our expectations can be unfair at times. We can expect things to go our way and then become disappointed, angry, and sad when it doesn’t happen the way we expected. Some even say that we should live without expectation.

So it comes to me that maybe we truly do not understand expectation. Expectation from a place of self-fulfillment will only lead to disappointment if the expectation is not met. This kind of expectation is from the flesh but expectation in the spirit can lead to true joy.

Here are 5 expectations that we should have.

  1. If I wait upon God, then I expect that I shall be renewed and rejuvenated by the holy spirit and able to finish the race. Isaiah 40:31
  2. Because Christ lives inside of me there is a great light and strength that lives inside of me. It allows me to speak boldly, and live loudly. So I expect that I have the inner strength to create a life of abundance. Philippians 1:20
  3. When I am heavy laden, when my burden is too heavy for my shoulders to carry I expect that I can rest in God and he will take care of me. Matthew 11:28
  4. If I ask God, then I expect that I shall receive. Matthew 7:7-8
  5. If I seek God, then I expect to find him. Matthew 7:7-8

God tells us to live with expectation. This is the true definition of faith and hope. To live with the expectation that God is God and he will never fail, never lie, never abandon us…but give us all that he has promised!!!

Challenge Friday: I challenge you to live in expectation. Expect that God is going to move on your behalf. Wake up each day expecting a miracle. Expect that God will show you favor. Keep a journal of how your feelings change. I bet you find yourself more joyful then you have ever been!!!

Quote: Expectation in the spirit can lead to true joy.


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The Ugly Truth: 4 Lies That Can Ruin Our Lives

Sometimes in life we just cannot maintain that wonderful, positive, energy. No matter how hard we try to see the silver lining, no matter how much we try to believe everything is going to work out, no matter how we try to keep the faith…we fail.

This can make us feel ashamed, or guilty because we believe the promises of God right? So how can we be down or marred by failure?

It is because when we are going through depression, stagnation, chaos, and turmoil somewhere along the way we have accepted a lie as a truth. To recognize the truth, we must uncover the lie.

So here are 4 lies that can ruin our lives

  1. I am ugly: This is one of the lies that I think has plagued many of us at one time or another. We pick ourselves apart, notice every blemish, and the scale becomes how we measure our worth. The lie here is that the world decides the standard of beauty. Have you noticed that the world’s standard of beauty is constantly changing meaning no one will ever be what the world considers beautiful all the time. The truth is that in God’s world we are beautiful always and forever. As a matter of fact each one of us is a masterpiece. Ephesians 2:10-20 
  2. I am not successful: The lie we have accepted is that things determine success. In reality we can have all the material possessions we want and still be miserable. The truth is first we seek the kingdom of God and that is where true abundance is born. Luke 12:31
  3. I will never have the life I want: The lie here is that God will give us everything we want. We must self-check our desires. We must decipher where these desires come from. Why do we want the things that we want, and then we must have faith that if our desires are pure God will give us the desires of our heart. Matthew 5:8
  4. Things will never get better. The lie here is that circumstances are permanent and never changing. Difficulties pass and things do get better. Take a look at your life. Think about how many difficult situations that you have come through. The truth is we are always going through seasons and seasons change. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

 Quote: To recognize the truth we must uncover the lie.

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The Empowerment Circle Is Here!!!!!

As promised The Empowerment Circle is here!!!!

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The Empowerment Circle is here to guide, inspire, and motivate you to live the blessed life. There will be series and challenges. I will be giving you knowledge and wisdom all designed to develop you into a person who has the authority, wisdom, and know how to  create a life that you want to live!!!


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