You Are So Transparent; I Can See Right Through You

Today I just want to blog. No list, no challenges, just a little truth. Like I have said before I have many mentors. Some I have never even met. That being said, I am a part of a great online community and through this Facebook group whether she knows it or not she has become one of my mentors. Meaning I learn a lot from her that helps me on this long and sometimes overwhelming journey. So let’s just call her Ms. A that is circled by Light.

Well Ms. A really exposed the realness of being human through one of her YouTube posts and it really registered with me especially as a Christian. Sometimes I think people cannot relate to us Christians because we are not real. Yes, we have an undeniable joy and faith that can bring us through anything but that does not mean the struggle is not real!

As a single woman, with no siblings, only one parent still living, starting a business, working at least 8 hours a day at a 9 to 5, who is in ministry, who battles sickness, mishaps, financial pressure…let me tell you the struggle is real lol. Don’t get me wrong this is not my pity party. I am just trying to prove the point that no one knows the battles I face every day. Not that I should go around spewing out all of my issues.

But when I walk around like nothing is ever wrong and on the inside I am about to break it gets to a point that what I am portraying just isn’t real. Transparency is a must! It is ok to say, you know sometimes I don’t want to blog or post a video, or say something inspiring on ‘the empowerment circle’. It is ok to say, sometimes I don’t want to read the bible. Sometimes I don’t want to pray. Sometimes I don’t want to go to church. Sometimes I don’t want to serve. Sometimes this walk that I have been called to is hard and sometimes I just don’t feel like doing it. Sometimes I am really sad. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I yell. Sometimes I am scared. Sometimes I say things I shouldn’t.

Sometimes I do these things because all the time I am human. Even as entrepreneurs we act like working 12 hours a day to get a business started is piece of cake. It’s not! Especially if you are still working a 9 to 5. Be honest and say hey I am tired. I am tired, beat, exhausted, sleepy, cranky, irritable and at times I just sleep for hours though I probably feel guilty about it.

And though sometimes this is my reality. Because I am constantly immersing myself in God’s word, because I am constantly using the very tools that I post here, or video about, or Facebook about, because I surround myself with people that can and will pour into me; I am able to keep going. I am able to access those tools, scriptures and techniques so that I will not get weary and I will not faint.

Yeah you can say that the list and the challenges, and the motivational quotes are great writing, maybe a nice read. But what they are is your way to keep going, to be better, to be blessed.

I actually didn’t know that until I was going through a particularly hard time. A hard time that would have crushed me a few years ago. But I have grown! I have grown in God. I have grown in his principles! Following God just isn’t so that you can get into heaven. It is so that you can make it in this world!

I have been really transparent today even venerable so that you may see the importance of taking the steps to improve your life and we as Christians owe it to people to be transparent. To say hey I am not perfect but it is through Jesus that I can be who see in front of you. Because you don’t see my brokenness because through him I am made whole. It is through Jesus that you witness me having joy in pain, peace in the storm, energy when I am tired, strength when I am weak.

It is only that I have put in the work to be able to be who I am today. So I implore you to change the habits, make the schedules, write the visions, have the plan, set the goals, read your bible, pray, fellowship, build your faith, transform! Because though I go through a lot trust me when I tell you I am ever joyful, never alone, and always blessed.

Ok that is it! Be blessed see you next time!

I Hear You; 3 Ways That God Confirms His Word

My blog is kind of late today because I only blog when the holy spirit tells me what to blog about and up until know he has been kind of quiet. Then it hit me today’s topic is confirmation!!!

So as God’s people we are having a hard time hearing him, understanding him, following him. Some of it is because we don’t understand how God confirms and communicates.

God communicates with each one of us differently and it changes as we grow. For me it used to be only in dreams, and then visions, and now I can hear him as plain as day. But whenever I get a little confused on the message or which way I should go or what I should do; I ask me him to talk to me in my dreams because it is still my preferred method.

Confirmation is different. God confirms his messages to us in several different ways.

Here are 3 ways that God confirms his word

  1. God will give you signs: God will confirm his word to you and if you are confused then ask him for a sign. Signs are in the nature of God and I could not fathom all the signs that he could give. But I do know they can come from anywhere. For example; a t.v. commercial, or a song on the radio, a sermon someone preaches, or over hearing a conversation etc. Signs are a great way to get confirmation. You have to be tuned in or you could miss them but this could be the perfect way for you to receive your confirmation.

Mark 16:20 And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, and confirmed the word by the signs that followed.

Isaiah 7: 11 Ask thee a sign of the LORD thy God; ask it either in the depth, or in the height above.

  1. God will send people to confirm his word: Now this happens rarely with me. Maybe because I am stubborn or maybe because God just chooses other ways to confirm his word. Probably because I am stubborn. Just a little glimpse into my personality. I digress. But people have confirmed what God has told me and it can be as blatant as an actual prophet that God sends to confirm his word. And it will happen more than once. Especially if you don’t heed the message trust me.

2 Cor 13:1 2 Corinthians 13:1 (KJV) This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

  1. Does it coincide with God’s word: God will never tell you anything that is against his commandments or his character. He will never tell you to leave your wife, or lie, or anything that is against his teachings. Some things you hear come right out of the gospel. It happens to me…often. As a matter of fact, it just happened today! Sometimes or most of the time I do not even know that its scriptural until he leads me to it in the bible or I hear someone mention that it is scripture just by happenstance. My point is test everything by the word. If it is contrary to God’s word then it is not from God.

1 John 4:1King James Version (KJV) Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.


So I hope this helps with discerning God’s word in your life. I suggest you really try to understand the how’s, when’s and where’s that God uses to communicate with you. Part of figuring this out is knowing your own gifts and talents. If you are more visual you probably have dreams, or if you are more hands on maybe God might send someone to you…this is speculative of course.

Discerning how you hear God is one the most important things that you can learn. Without knowing how you hear God well…how can you hear God????


Blessings and See You Next Time!!!!

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Today It Is All About The Challenge! So Let’s Talk Habits!

It’s challenge Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

Today it is all about the challenge. So let’s talk habits.

I am sure if you have kept up with my blog you have heard me talk about habits! Mainly that we are only two bad habits away from success.

Habits determine who we are, how we live, where we go, and what we become. So do not underestimate the power of a habit.

Now I could give you a neat little list on how to change a bad habit…but let’s make this a little more interactive.

Below you will find simple statements (found on Pinterest). Who loves Pinterest? I love Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great resource for all things empowering such as goal list, organization calendars, quotes, I could go on and on.

So Friday Challenge…are you ready? Finish the sentences!!! When you are done you have a plan…awesome right and so simple! Then all you have to do is work your plan!

I am good at

I need to work on

My plan to improve is

If my plan does not work then I will

I will know when my plan is working when


Quote: Sow a thought, reap an action, sow an action, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character, reap a destiny.

Blessings and See You Next Time!!!

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Let’s Grow Together; 3 Keys To Unlocking Your Potential

There was time in my life that I truly had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. I was stuck in that space of time for a long time to the point where it became a waste of time.

My journey to empowerment, meaning becoming stronger, becoming confident, walking in my authority began with me and God. Though all journeys are different this first step is the same for all of us. It is in God that we gain our authority, that we are strengthened to emerge from this state of sleeping that has taken us over.

I learned who he is that made me understand who I am and not only who I am but who I could be. Some of us have been the same so long that we believe that this who we are but who you are is always who you are becoming. So don’t continue to become the same thing over and over…wake up! Wake up to your potential.

It took me a while to figure it all out but now that I have my life is full acceleration. It is so invigorating to steadily grow, change, live! I can’t say it enough we are living organic beings we must grow to live!

In order to live there are things that you must know. So I have decided to give you a short cut to acceleration!

So here are 3 keys that you must have to unlock your full potential.

  1. You Must Know God. To know God is to know yourself. It is only in God that we find out who we are. God is our creator only he knows why we were created. Only he knows our gifts and our potential. Only he knows exactly what we are capable of because he has equipped us to do it!
  2. You Must Know The Words That Live Inside Of You: Words have the power to make or break you. Life and death is the power of the tongue and some of us are killing ourselves every day. What are the words that you are saying to yourself daily? For some of us those words are hard to identify because our mantra is part of who we are. It does not stand out to us and is not something we take notice of. Which is why one of my governing principles is to think consciously. Which leads me to the third key.
  3. You Must Know Your Principles: So most of us have the basic principles, i.e., I won’t steal, cheat, lie, murder, etc. But outside of that most people do not have any principles so they fly with the wind. Meaning there is no foundation in which your decisions are founded upon. For example; My governing principle is to think consciously. I will not be the inhabitant of random thoughts. Random thoughts lead to meaningless behavior and unsanctioned behavior as well as dysfunctional behavior. I analyze my thoughts so that I go in the direction of my choosing and accomplish the things that I set out to accomplish.

Quote: Don’t continue to become the same thing over and over…wake up! Wake up to your potential. I can’t say it enough we are living organic beings we must grow to live!

Today I wore my coaches hat. I really want people to grow and change. To be able to live at their highest level. That is why I started this blog so I hope my blog is really helping and fostering that change.

Blessings and See You Next Time!!!

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It’s About You Not Me; 3 Steps To Staying Out Of Their Head

How many of us question ourselves based on another’s reaction to us? I personally have had an entire conversation in my head based off of someone else’s reaction.

When we do this it puts us in a place of judgment. Judgment of others as well as ourselves. This can make us anxious, nervous, angry and even bitter.

I figured out trying to comprehend someone else’s thought process when it comes to you; is a waste of brain power! It also breeds internal conflict.

Here lately I have gotten a lot better at not taking on the reaction of others as if it is judgment upon me as a person. It has really helped me understand others more and not harbor ugly feelings toward another person.

So, here are 3 simple steps to staying out of someone else’s head

  1. Do not assume anything: You really have no idea what is going on with that person. They could have a lot going on in their lives. Even if they snap at you it doesn’t mean that it is about you. Remember everything isn’t always about you.
  2. Their reaction is about them not you: How someone reacts or treats you is a reflection upon their character not yours. They are showing you who they are so believe them.
  3. Just Ask: If someone’s reaction bothers you that much then just ask! Ask them what is wrong. Maybe they just need a listening ear and a soft shoulder.


Quote: Remember everything isn’t always about you.

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Blessing See You Next Time!!!