I Think I Love Your Energy…So Let’s Do An Exchange

Mindless actions lead to a mindless day. Mindless conversation leads to not noticing what we say. Which leads to things done without purpose or intent.  Which becomes a life not lived but rather a life that is spent. (by C.E.M.)

Ok enough with the poetry just felt poetic this morning but even my flow has purpose. Do you know spending anything is against our spirit? We live in a dynamic of exchange. Meaning we should always be lively, energetic, motivated…not spent.

We become spent when we mindlessly use our resources. This includes our energy and our money. We are beings of exchange. Money is exchanged not spent. If you only spend then there will be nothing received. Which is why most people find themselves in bad financial situations.

If we look at money as an exchange then you will ask yourself, “what am I getting in return for this exchange and is it worth it? What benefits will I reap in return? Is this a plan for future exchange or a here and now exchange?

The dynamic of exchange is a concept and strategy that should be used in every area of our lives. With money, people, business, relationships, etc. weigh the exchange and make a decision.

See living in the dynamic of exchange stops the action of mindlessness and propels you into the realm of purpose!

Ok that is all for Mindset Monday!!!!

Quote: Spending anything is against our spirit!

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Blessings and See You Next Time!!!

Life Happens And Then What…

You know people life just happens. Life doesn’t wait until a convenient time to get difficult. Life happens in the middle of your successes, your failures, your sickness, your happiness and your sadness. And when life happens though you want to hide away or have a nervous breakdown guess what…that is not an option.

So, what do you do? You have to change your mindset.

You have to have your daily rituals of replenishment. You have to keep yourself filled. Exercise, take a long bath, say positive affirmations, hang out with good friends.

You have to change your perspective. When life happens consider it your faith building time. Consider it your strength building time. Consider it your get to know you time.

You have to make feeling good a priority. Watch a funny movie. Read a good book. Take a restful nap.  Just do something fun.

You have to know that God is giving you an opportunity to know him in a different way.

God will keep opening your heart. He will keep speaking to your mind. He will keep showing you sides of him that were unknown to you before. God comes to us in love. He does everything from a seat of love. So no matter what you are going through know that it is happening because God loves you. He is building you. He is teaching you.

So, will doing all of these things cure it all…no. Though you do all of these things there will be times when life is overwhelming. There will be times when you want to give up. When you wake up crying. When you go to sleep crying. When you yell at God and hate people. When you hate yourself, and want nothing to do with anything or anyone.

But you have to know that life can also be fun and there is laughter and there is joy through all of the pain, and the rain, and the heartache remember there is a sweet side to life happening…


Quote: God does everything from a seat of love.

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Blessings an See You Next Time!!!!