So Let’s Just Get A Few Things Clear

So God has really been speaking to me about the Law of Clarity. He is screaming at me, “How do you think you are going to have what you desire if you are not clear in what you want?” Clarity…let me see if I can define it for you,

Clarity: the quality of coherence and intelligibility.

Quality: a distinctive attribute or characteristic

Coherence: the quality of being logical and consistent, the quality of forming a unified whole

Intelligibility: the quality of being understood; comprehensible

We see our desires as these inanimate objects. Something intangible and at times even unrealistic but that simply isn’t true. Our desires must have qualities which means our desires must have character. They must be logical, consistent, and whole. Our desires strive to be understood. They want us to comprehend them. Our desires are huge energy sources and just like people they must have direction to accomplish their goals. Their goals must be clear.

Our desires are crying out to us. They are beings they want to live out their purpose! They want to live as much as we want them too! There is nothing more painful than allowing a desire to die simply because you didn’t know how to give it life.

We have to give them a mission. We have to give them clear instructions. We have to be consistent in what we want from them.

So here are some steps to point your desires in the right direction.

  1. Give Desire a mission: Your desires must have a purpose or they will feel unfulfilled just as we do without purpose. For example; you desire to own your own business…ok so what is the purpose of that desire. Why do you want to own your own business? What is it that you are trying to accomplish? So you give your desire a mission. Desire, your mission is to give me financial freedom and this is how you are going to do it.
  2. Give Desire Instructions on how to complete her mission: make the instructions specific. Let desire know the exact actions she needs to take. For example, for the entrepreneur desire the first thing you will do is look at the market for my new business and help me define my target audience. You do this by conducting a survey.
  3. Give Desire a way to measure the goal: Example; When you survey 100 people we will then look at the results to figure out the target audience.
  4. Give Desire a deadline: Desire you have 2 weeks to accomplish this goal.
  5. Make sure you explain to Desire how she fits into your vision: Let her know that she has a place in your overall plan for your life and she is an intricate part.
  6. Continue to give Desire action items moving her closer to the completing her mission: you will soon see your desires actually coming to fruition.

Seeing your desires as actual beings with a life energy of their own will train you to manifest them. You will learn to care about them which will allow you to really tap into their energy. Soon you will be willing and able to do whatever you have to do give them life. You make the choice to believe in them. To speak them into existence but first you must be clear…

Quote: There is nothing more painful than allowing a desire to die simply because you didn’t know how to give it life.

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So…What Are You Doing??

So a terrific quote by Albert Enstein inspired this blog today. So it is challenge Friday and Albert Enstein says, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

There are many of us that have been fighting the same battle day after day, week after week, and year after year…but why. It is because we trapped in a mindset pattern that isn’t working for us.

Everything…and I mean everything comes down to mindset.

So the exercise for this Friday’s challenge is to inspect your thinking and transform a situation!

So I decided to tackle self -image. I think self image is really important and real problem in today’s society.So I started this transformation process by asking myself the big questions meaning instead of asking why I do have a negative self-image I asked myself’ who defines positive self image for me? Is it me, is it my friends, is it media, is it God?

What I found out is it definitely wasn’t me. It wasn’t my friends and it wasn’t God. It was media. The media says beauty is thin with perfect skin, long straight hair, or big butts with small waist or…what have you. Successful people are rich, opinionated, highly sexualized and loud mouthed. They are up on the trends, glamorous, and the only thing that matters to them is them.

So now that I have broken down this thinking; how can I change it? Well we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking used to create them right…so the media and what the world tells me is beautiful is what I used to create this problem it will be God and the spirit that helps me change it.

God my creator tells me who I am. He tells me who he made me to be. I will read his word daily. I have also decided to keep ‘the reasons I love me journal.”. Every day I will write down 6 things that I love about me and the end of the week I get to see how great I really am!

I also took an inventory of what I am focusing on because what we focus on we become. Instead of focusing on my goal I will focus on my behavior. Let me break this down for you.

Ok instead of focusing on the goal of improving my self-image I will focus on things to do to improve my self- image. For example, I will focus on writing in my journal, reading my bible daily, saying positive affirmations, limiting TV and other media outlets, etc.

I do this because focusing on our goal doesn’t do anything but stop us in our tracks when we do not get the results we want. So say you want lose 30 pounds but every time you get on the scale it says that you have gained weight. Eventually you are going to quit and give up.

But if you make a plan that you can work day by day and focus on the plan not the goal you will see results. So say your plan is to drink a gallon of water a day and work out 30 mins a day. So your focus should be on that plan. By the way a plan is simply a behavior that you have thought up in advance as way of reaching a goal. In order to reach the goal, you model the behavior and watch your plan work!

It is all about focus, focus, focus!!!  Focus is my passion. I teach it, preach it, coach it and love it!!! Without focus you will never truly accomplish the things that you desire for your life. Without focus we allow things to creep into our minds that then dictate our behavior. We begin to live in patterns and not even realize what we are doing. So in everything ask yourself… what am I doing and why?

Quote: A plan is simply a behavior that you have thought up in advance as way of reaching a goal

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His Love Is Everything…

So the verse of the day is John 15:12 (KJV)This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

Ok so this blog was totally unexpected but it is verses Thursday on my Facebook Page, “The Empowerment Circle”  and as I started to meditate on his scripture so much just started pouring out of me. It was this feeling of…well I guess I really cannot explain it but by the end of it all I said to myself I must blog about this!

The one thing that leapt out at me with this was ‘as I have loved you’.

On this spiritual journey I have learned to ask the big questions. I have also learned that the big questions are the empowering questions. For example instead of asking “why am I still single” I may ask, “what is marriage”, “what is a husband”, “what is a wife”, etc.

And because big questions provoke answers I will begin to truly think about it and do some research and in all of that I will find my answer as to why I am still single.

The question why am I still single is a very small thing and it also denotes that there may be something wrong with me as to why I am still single. Which makes that question dis-empowering instead of empowering..

You must learn to ask the questions that relates to the vision. The vision is I want to be married. Ok so what is marriage? I want to be a wife. So what is being a wife?

So when this verse began to speak to me I asked myself ‘how has God loved me?’

God takes my burden and makes them his own.

God is patient with me as I stumble along.

God never forsakes me just because I may be wrong.

God will always call me one of his own.

Sorry sometimes I can slip into rhyme lol. But God has never lied to me. He is a God of his word. His love never changes for me. He loves me when I am at my best. He loves me when I am at my worse. He never judges me though he corrects me so that I may find my way again. He picks me up and dust me off  and as I continue to fumble blindly still not quite able to see he waits patiently for me. He never gives up. He never holds a grudge. He never says I told you so. He never brings up past as if I will never have future.

His love is continuous. He loves me so much that all I have to do is ask and it shall be given. His love protects, guides, heals, surrounds, and sometimes even overwhelms. He loves like a hurricane. He engulfs us. We cannot run from this awesome love.

He comes to us in our darkest hour. He comes to us in our untamed joy. He comes to us at the depth of our confusion. He comes to us when we walk in complete clarity. His love is stable. His love is a foundation that allows us to build.

Honestly we can never love the way that God loves us because we are only human but we have to try. I want to see you as my father sees you. I want to always be consistent in my actions. A woman of my word. A woman who will help take the burden. A woman who cries with you. Laughs with you and loves you relentlessly. A woman that will help build you up not tear you down. A woman who is a stable hand to hold when yours are shaking.

This is the agape love. This is the love of our father. So when I am feeling low or wondering how to help someone or just wondering about this thing called love. I just have to remember the way my father has loved me…


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True Desire Fuels Creation…

Ok so do we know that manifestation is a real and spiritual concept. This is what vison and dreams are. They are a manifestation of our deepest desires. We then have to give our dreams and vision breath so that they come to life.

Creation is all about a mindset. God thought so God created and he knew what he created was good and so he said so.

Do we have the mindset of the creator? We are made in his image so we should…right?

Then why is it that many of us (including myself) have been praying and creating without results?

It is because we can get in the way of our own creations. We can block the very blessing that we have been praying for.

There are certain things that we must do and mindset we must have in order to create or manifest what we want, need, and desire in life.

So to create you must…

  1. Discern God’s will: You know I hear people say and pray things like; God if it’s your will then heal me. But why would God want you to be sick. Or God if it’s your will then make me rich. But why would God want you to be poor? We have to know the will of our father. We have to know the promises that he has given us and then we can speak it into existence with clarity and authority.
  2. Give up perfection: Many of us fall into this negative thinking. That everything including ourselves has to be perfect before we can start something or receive something. When we do this it is a signal that we do not think that we are good enough, equipped enough, or deserving of the blessings or the desire that we are praying for. It is a signal that we are not ready to receive and neither do we believe we can receive.
  3. Do things that make you joyful: When we are joyful…I mean truly happy blessings are drawn to us. Joy is a high frequency type of energy and so things that are high frequency respond. Things that carry a high frequency are things like love, abundance and prosperity. God constantly tells us that he wants us to have joy. Why do you think that is…just so we can be happy? That may be one of the reasons but it goes so much deeper than that. We are what we attract. So to be joy is to attract joy!

Romans 15:13 ESV ‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.’

It is belief that makes us joyful.  If we believe than we shall receive!

  1. Apply the 4 agreements: The 4 agreements is a book written by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is a book that fosters transformation through discipline and the spiritual laws.

The four agreements are:

  • Be Impeccable with your speech
  • Don’t take anything personal
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Always do your best

Quote: Creation is all about a mindset.


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