I choose to live a LyfeByDesign…

Every choice has a vibrational frequency and every time you make the choice to be courageous, faithful, righteous, compassionate, grateful you raise your frequency.

The choices we make have the potential to lead us to our higher selves. But we have to understand that we live by the choices we make. Though things may happen beyond our control how we choose to perceive them is our choice. You can choose where you are in your journey by how long you choose to stay in a particular place. God will move you from point to point but you have to choose to move. So housed under the law of choice is the law of the journey. God will always take us on a journey. A journey of learning and discovery. Our journey is what grows us.

Also under the roof of the law of choice is the law of identity. Do we realize that emotions are a choice, reactions are a choice and how we react is based off of how we think about ourselves? It is based off of how we identify ourselves. Criticism only makes you angry when you care more about others opinion of you more than you should and when you have the spirit of rejection. But when you know who you are in Christ. How valuable you are and how loved you are you will begin to truly love you and criticism doesn’t really bother you too much. (Just an example because I battled with that for a long time). You have make the choice to grow into who you are but here is the thing…You can’t know until you grow”.

Growth is transformation and transformation is creation and creation is manifestation which will us to our destination and it all begins with Knowledge!!!

Which is why I have created my new LyfeByDesign Master Coaching Program.

It is difficult when you live in a world that doesn’t think you are beautiful, or smart, or talented, or valuable. When the people around you take every opportunity to criticize you and pick you apart you will spend your whole life thinking you are not good enough and trying to live up to other’s expectations of you. And  when you begin that search for your higher self…your true identity,  you have so many blocks and barriers that it can an almost impossible journey.

The reason I know this is because I have lived this. There are many that would tell you that I was never supposed to be here…where I am today. I was devalued, undermined, underestimated, talked about, kicked around…never was I supposed to be here…but here I am.

I am successful, abundant, prosperous, gifted, loved, talented, wealthy…I could go and on! But the key to my success is the key to everyone’s success.

The first key to success is love. You have to love success itself because anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough, (George Washington Carver). Success is just a facet of love. Love for ourselves, love for each other, and love for our divine creator. It is love that will drive you, motivate you, push you toward that elusive thing called success. Love is the highest vibration. It is the highest form of attraction. It is the highest frequency. It is…God. In order to raise our vibration to the frequency of success we tap into the God source of infinite power, infinite abundance, infinite prosperity, infinite wisdom, infinite inspiration, infinite creativity, infinite joy, infinite life…what we would call pure success. As we tap into the source as we vibrate at the frequency of love God will reveal his secrets to us. He we reveal how we are to become the beings that we were truly created to be. He will reveal to us how to love ourselves, how to love what we do, and how to share our gifts with the world…success.

So I am proud to announce that the LyfeByDesign Master Coaching Program is now accepting pre orders!!! The LyfeByDesign Master Program helps those who want to truly know their identity. Who want to claim their value, their purpose and their destiny. This program is for those that desire to live a joyful life. Those who want to step back into the world being strong in who they are with a purpose, a plan, and a mindset that can change their world into anything they want and desire! Know that it is possible!!! Know that everything is possible!!!

Quote:  Criticism only makes you angry when you care more about others opinion of you more than you should

If you pre order the LyfeByDesign Master Program and join my email list you get a major discount on the program and a free bonus!!!  For those that need more information email me at charlivinlife@gmail.com

Blessings See You Next Time!!!!

It’s Just My Nature…

Today is spirit Tuesday on my Facebook page, “The Empowerment Circle”. Spirit Tuesday is the day that we discuss the spiritual laws. I didn’t know what the law of the day would be because  God had not told me yet but then I heard loud and clear, “The Law of Proclivity”. Ok I thought what is proclivity and is it even a spiritual law. So, I prayed about it because it was completely beyond my understanding to be honest. But just like God does with us all he took the time to explain it to me.

The Law of proclivity…

The Law of proclivity is our natural disposition. It is what we are inclined to do without thought. It is our second nature. We are each born with a personality, certain characteristics and depositions. God has given us these traits because it is a clue to what role we are to play in the body of Christ. Some of us are hands (givers, servers), some of us are hearts (have the natural inclination to be kind and compassionate), some of us are the legs (the strength able to carry others burdens and carry them when they can’t walk), others are the brain (those people full of ideas and inspirations that can see the vision), and some of us are the feet (the ones that can take the vision and run with it)!

That being said it is important to realize that God wants all of us to have the proclivity of Spirt. He wants our second nature to lean toward love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self -control.

The law of proclivity calls us to look at our characteristics that we were born with and understand where we fit in the body. It challenges us to also look at those characteristics that are not Christ-like and change them. To embody the fruit of the Spirit. When your second nature is to pray for your enemy instead of vengeance, walk in love instead of bitterness, forgive instead of hold grudges, be patient, kind, and gentle, to be faithful instead of flakey…this is what we should be striving for.

Proclivity is also means tendency. It means habit. Our habits are a strong natural liking for something. A habit is something that we are inclined to do and after a while can become our second nature. So, we have to look at our habits and see if they are good for us or bad for us. Change what need to change and replace the bad with the good.

Proclivities is understanding why you do the things you do. It is why you connect with the people you connect with. It is how you relate to people. Proclivity is how you connect with the world in love, friendships, business, and with even with God. The Law of Proclivity is housed under the Law of Self and the Law of Identity which are both very important laws.

So here are three questions to ask yourself to find out your proclivity and are you capable of changing it if necessary.


  1. What am I good at? It is really important to identify your God given gifts. Find the that thing that is natural for you. That thing that you are just good at and then peruse it. For example, for me it is writing. I am just naturally good at it. I have never even taken a creative writing class not to say that I didn’t want to. I recognized this gift at an early age and have been a creative writer since I could form sentences but I was told that I would never make a living at it. That I needed to do something that could get me a good job. It took me a long time to realize that passion follows purpose, and wealth follows passion. Find that thing that makes your soul sing and go for it!!! Because it is God that gives you the passion for your natural gifts and gives you the power to express them!

Deuteronomy 8:18 “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

  1. What are my natural reaction to things? You have to live consciously. You have to monitor your thoughts and your behaviors. This is the only way to really understand who you are deep down inside. This is how we capture our negative thoughts and change them. This is how we recognize our negative behaviors and change them. Do you get angry easily, are you dismissive, passive aggressive, do you say ugly things to yourself and/or others? Really think about this and start to write down your thoughts and behaviors so that you can truly see them. Writing things makes them tangible.
  2. Am I willing to change? Some of us are very resistant to change. I am one of those people. So when I know that change is coming I may get some natural anxiety and subconsciously begin to self-sabotage to keep things the same. So now that I know this about myself I fight against those natural inclinations. Sometimes we have to fight against our nature in order to be better. We have to fight against our nature in order to change. Are you willing to do that?

Quote: Passion follows purpose, and wealth follows passion. Find that thing that makes your soul sing and go for it!!!

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I will have you…

Ok so it is transformation Friday and today let’s talk about how to completely transform our world!!!

How many of us know that we are the creators of our own reality? We choose the life we live!

As God’s children he has given us the right and the authority to become what we want to become. Success, abundance, prosperity, joy, love, health, and wealth is our birth right! We are divine inheritors.

We have to obey the spiritual law of propriety which is to take ownership of our lives. We can choose to be trapped by our circumstances or free to live in our heart’s desires.

Here is just a side note about desire. (I would recommend you read my blog titled: My name is desire). Uhmmm that wasn’t the side note. The side note is that whatever we desire exist. We just have to claim it as true and affirm that it belongs to us. If God put the desire in your heart it is because he has already created that thing (whatever it is) for you. Maybe there is growing that you have to do. Change and transformation is God’s way but if you are willing to do the work to become your higher self that desire is yours!

We only have to be willing to create the new habits that will coincide with our inner growth! If sow those good habits then we will reap the rewards!

Remember we live by the law of sowing and reaping whether we want to or not. ““Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.”

Kind of went off on a tangent but I am so very passionate about people living to their full potential and aspiring to be their highest self. Remember all things are possible through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!! That is a real statement all we have to do is ask and believe which brings me to point of this blog!

Manifestation! Do we know manifestation is a real thing…well it is! We are souls of power and energy and we need to tap into our souls and forget about our flesh in order to manifest our divine inheritance. It is all about living in spirit which is living at our highest vibration!

So to manifest our true desires and have the life of abundance that we are all promised there are three things that we must do.

We have to think it, feel it, and say it.

  1. Think it: We know our thoughts are powerful. Our thoughts are energy. To believe something is to think that it is real. Everything starts in the mind. Jesus speaks a lot about our mind, our thoughts because he knew that what we think we are is who we will be. We must master our mindset. Capture your negative thoughts and wrestle them into submission. Choose to only think positivity. Choose to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Choose to believe that your abundant life is just waiting for you to live it and then choose to live it! If you believe you will receive! You have to believe that you will have the life you desire!

Matthew 21:22 “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive”

  1. Feel it: Here it is about the emotion of the thought. We don’t just think things without some kind of reaction. Some things we think about makes us angry other things make us smile but the reason that we have emotions attached to these thoughts is because it is real to us. We can actually visualize what happened in our memory. This is where visualization exercises are really important. See the scene of your greatest desires playing in your mind. Make it your memory. See it as if it has already happened and feel the emotion of that. Focus your heart on that memory. Feel it in your spirit. Allow this memory to make you joyful, excited, expectant. Allow this feeling to energize you and propel you into living the lives that you truly desire and is promised to you. Set your affections on God’s promises and not your circumstances.

Colossians 3:2 – Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

  1. Say it: Words are the most powerful thing that God has given us. We are the only creatures on the planet capable of using them. God spoke us into existence. Words are creative energy that we have the right to tap into. What speak becomes our reality. If we want the realty that we desire, we must speak it into existence. This is where affirmations come in to play as well as our mantra. Speak the things that you want to see not the things that you do see. Speak the things that you want to believe even if it is contrary to what you really believe. One of my affirmations is “I believe I am deserving of every good thing”. I repeat this to myself daily and all the time. I meditate on God’s word and speak it. My mantra, “I am a masterpiece”, “ I am the light of the world”, “I am wealthy”, “I am abundant”.

Romans 4:17, “(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.”


By the way there is enormous power in those two very small words “I Am”!

Which I also wanted to get into that as well the Power of I Am!!!! But that is for another blog and my book Anthology of the Godmind will be out very soon where I will be talking about a lot of the topics that are too much for a blog!


Quote: You have to believe that you will have the life you desire! You have to think it, feel it, and say it!

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It Is Finally Time For Us To Be Friends…

So it is challenge Friday and God has put a lot of time on my hands so to speak. I realize that time is one of the biggest mysteries for us. Seems like it’s never enough of it and it passes by without us even noticing but when transformation is involved trapped by time seems to be the feeling at hand.

Here is the thing, we can’t escape time and without time there will never be transformation.

Transformation by definition means change and change is a facet of time. So, we can see how transformation and time go hand and hand.

The spiritual Law of Time states that in order to be successful we must live in right timing.

I think many of us feel at odds with time. Especially when it comes to transformation. We feel as though it is never quite the right time for what we are trying to accomplish. We become locked in a battle with time and time can feel like our enemy… but it is all a miscommunication.

We have to take the time to understand time!!!

  1. Time becomes our enemy when we assume that transformation is happening to slowly: We all know that there is a season for everything and there will always be a season of preparation. It took Moses years in the desert before God trusted him to take the Jews out of Egypt, David was anointed to be king but it was years later before he was prepared to take the throne. Joseph dreamed of his future many years before he became the treasure of Egypt. My point is that you cannot rush transformation. Work within your season and time suddenly becomes your friend.
  2. Time becomes our enemy when we try to bypass the journey in favor of the destination: We can become so focused on our future that we resent our present. We hate every task, exercise, or change that we have to make. We hate making the goals and writing the plans. We just want to wake up and everything be done. But it is on this journey that we learn to listen to our intuition, take action, and master the follow through. Time becomes our friend when we realize that the journey becomes the destination.
  3. Time becomes our enemy when we mistake age as a time keeper. Age is nothing but a number is a popular but true statement. There is never a time where God says someone is too old or too young to accomplish their goals or fulfill their destiny. If anything, he says the very opposite. God used Sarah and Abraham when they were well past the age of being able to procreate. Moses was 120 years oldwhen he died. According to Deuteronomy 34:7, he lost neither his eyesight nor his strength and was not diminished in body or mind by old age. Esther was only fourteen years old when she became queen and saved her people. Jesus was only 12 when he went to the temple, sat amongst elders and doctors and as they questioned him they were astonished by Jesus’s understanding and answers. Time becomes your friend when you realize that time and age have nothing to do with each other.
  4. Time becomes our enemy when we compare our timeline to someone else’s. So often we say I thought by this time I would have already (fill in the blank). Or we say everyone I know has already (fill in the blank), and as we constantly measure ourselves by others timeline we become more and more bitter with this thing call time. There is no such thing as cooperate time. We are individuals and time is an individual thing. Time becomes your friend when you stop comparing others timelines to yours.

So Friday’s challenge is to erase your predesigned timeline!!! Know that you are right where you should be in order to accomplish your goals and desires. Start from where you are and not where you think you should be! Make time your friend and not your enemy!!!

Blessings See You Next Time!!!


Quote: There is never a time where God says someone is too old or too young to accomplish their goals or fulfill their destiny.



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