I Intend To Be Passionate With You

So today is all about the spiritual laws. It is so funny to me how God always sets things up for you without you ever even realizing it. Having a very light and general discussion with a friend I realized that I have lost my passion. Then when I truly thought about it  the truth  of matter is that if I have lost my passion then I have lost my joy.

It did not really hit me at first but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I am deeply saddened by this. It made me question when did I lose it, how did I lose it, why did I lose it, and where can I find it.

It set me off on a new facet of this incredible spiritual journey that I am on. There are many things that I want in this life. Things that for some reason I have not been able to acquire. It was as if God was telling me you have not been able to manifest your desires because you are really not in touch with them.

When you lack passion and joy there is a disconnect between you and your heart. There is a disconnect between you and your soul. It dawned on me that on this journey my logic has become the most dominate force.

We must walk in wisdom but not at the cost of everything else. It is that burning desire, that passion flame that ignites joy! Being joyful is a law.

Nehemiah 8:10 “for the joy of the LORD is your strength”.

Without joy we are so weak and weary. We are easily burden. We will give up on everything because we do not even understand why we are doing what we are doing. The purpose becomes a series of task that we must complete and the cost becomes our passion and our joy.

So I began to question what am I doing wrong. and then I read a quote today that changed everything for me. My own personal ah ha moment!

The quote: “I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body” by: Dele Olanubi

My intent is wrong.The intent is to live a life of joy. Not to build a ministry, by being a life coach, and writing a book, speaking and teaching all over the world… but my real intent should be to have a life that causes my soul to dance!

Do not get me wrong all those things I mentioned does make me shine! It is just that I had lost my passion and my joy and it became just another thing on my every growing list. I will tell you a truth that some of us know and some of us don’t. There are many minsters, preachers, prophets, teachers, worship leaders, bishops, writers, coaches, etc., that have lost their flame.

They do not have joy in what they are doing it has become their guilt and their obligation. Many of them burn out, give up, call it quits because they do not have the joy to go on. So every day we must wake up with the intent to be joyful. To find the joy in what we are doing. I know this can be hard but we have to take the steps to find our passion again!

So here are 5 ways to reignite your soul flame!!!

  1. Go back to your first love: There is no passion like that which is sparked from God. God knows this because he is the one that has put passion inside of us and it is he that will call it out. There is an ecstasy in truly communing with God. It is an unexplainable form of worship that completely takes you over. But we can get so far from him especially those that have followed their calling in ministry. Ministry is hard work, time consuming, and is about other people. All those things can leave you empty. We lose our passion when everything becomes about the ministry instead of about God. We have to make our way back to him. To the place before we knew that we had a calling to be preachers, prophets, singers, writers, coaches etc. when we just wanted to know God and be in his presence. In the presence of God is where we will find our passion once again.

1 Peter 1:8 Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy,

  1. Remember your why: Remembering your why will light you up again. I had to sit and think…what is my why again. Not the so-called elevator speech or what is on my business card but why was I so passionate about my purpose to begin with. It was because I live to see the ah ha moment. What lights my flame is to see that light bulb go off in someone’s mind and watch as their path gets brighter and brighter! Remembering my why gave me the motivation and energy to continue working on all of different projects, coaching others, taking phone calls and emails with a gusto that I thought I had lost.So what is your why. Sit and truly think about why you do what you do because you began working in your purpose because at some point it brought you great joy.
  2. Understand the purpose of passion: I will admit that many times I am afraid of passion. We as Christians can sometimes view passion as something that if goes unchecked can be detrimental to our faith and to or growth. So, we go to the other extreme of locking our passion away branding it as something that we should not deal with at all. Both of these are extreme. We have to know that our God is not a God of extremes. God created the earth and all her bounty because he was passionate in his love for us and if we understand the purpose of passion we too will be able to create great things. Yes, we have to learn to govern our passion but we also have to learn to hone it. It is true desire that creates a passion that can manifests joy!
  3. Surround yourself with people: So many times, we can get so caught up in the grind that we shut people out. I mean I have to have that laser focus, right? I can’t be all distracted trying to create a dream…this is true but what part of the dream included isolation. Isolation will kill passion faster than anything else. God tells us that friends bring our hearts joy. We need joy in order to find our passion again. A word spoken, a kind touch, someone to minister to our heart, to lift our spirits, to remind us that we love to dance, or sing, or draw, or what have you. It is like giving your spirit a shot of life energy. Surrounding yourself with good people doing good things will give you the spark of passion once again.

Proverbs 27:9 Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel.

  1. Get in touch with your pain: We try to hide our pain, ignore it, etc. But there is something that drives us in our pain. We have to get in touch with our pain. We have to get in touch with that thing that hurts us more than anything. Unfulfilled desire can be one of the biggest catalyst for pain. The very thought of not having whatever it may be or losing whatever it may be brings forth tears and ache. But did you know the harnessing of that pain have built foundations, have inspired books and have forged legacies…because of a deep soul wound that hurts to the touch. We as humans have a deep fear of pain just as any animal we try to avoid it. But Christ passion was pain. He led a life of ridicule and rejection. Was tortured, lied on, spit at and betrayed. He was laughed at, whipped, beaten and crucified. It was painful but his passion for us is unmatched. His passion for us saved us. In passion, there will be pain and in pain there will be passion. But when the two merge true healing takes place in the form of creation!

Quote: When you lack passion and joy there is a disconnect between you and your heart.

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I Seek So I Find

Many times we find ourselves in situations wondering how we got there. I have done it many times but this particular time I actually just asked God for a little help. I asked him “How did I get here”, and I heard him say, “you sought to be here”.

Now at first I kind of laid there thinking…what is he talking about. What does that even mean? But then I remembered that God told me a long time ago be careful what you ask for. Which was a revelation for me in a way because I did not remember asking for anything especially any of this!

But then instead of yelling at God I put my ego aside and got quiet. He began to explain one of his laws to me that should have been obvious I would guess but it wasn’t. Not for me and not for many other people either.

We think we end up in these situations by happenstance but we are living out the law of seeking weather we know it or not.

Les Brown says,” You don’t get in life what you want. You get in life what you are.” It is the law of attraction. We seek what is inside of us. Sometimes this is an involuntary action because we don’t take the time out to really learn who we are and change the things we need to change.

So we build these lives that feel foreign to us. That consist of things, people, and places that we never wanted.

We have to do better because we deserve better.

So here is one thing that we should definitely be seeking.

  1. Ourselves:

We should be seeking ourselves. So many of us want to be dating another when we really should be dating ourselves. We should know what we like, what we enjoy. We should know our fears, hopes, and dreams. We should take the time to make sure that our actions align with our beliefs and our desires. We should take the time to just hang out with ourselves, take note of our thoughts.

We spend so much time investing in other people we should be investing in ourselves. We spend so much time looking for that significant other when we should be looking for ourselves. True love begins with you. Many of us are single and wondering why. It is because God can’t bring you love if you do not know love. See God can only give to you what he can do through you. If you can’t or don’t love you then will not know how to love anybody else.

Self -love is the most important commandment! Jesus said Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

If we don’t love ourselves then we won’t love God. We will blame him for our circumstances not realizing that we are creating these circumstances. We will question his love for us simply because we can’t see where we are deserving.

So the real question for today is; do you truly love you?

How you think of others is a great indicator. If you are overly critical of others you are probably overly critical of yourself. If you have a loathing for others, then you are probably swimming in self -loathing.

The point it all is to seek you so that you can seek the things in life that you truly desire.


Quote: True love begins with you.

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What Is In Me I Give To You

Our gifts…what can I say?? Blessings yes…curses…well yes they can be at times. See we each have a gift that we have been given in order to give to the world.

Did you know that there is a spiritual law of the gift? It is housed under roof of the Law of giving. When we do not take the time to find our gift, understand it, hone it, and give it to the world then we are violating the law of giving.

If we give nothing we receive nothing. As some point in our lives it is our duty to ask “What gift am I to give to the world”?

“What is God seeking to express through me?”

“What divine Idea is trying to be expressed through me?”

Then we must wait on the answer. Trust me God will give it to you. If you pray to him and commune with him he will tell you exactly what it is that you were sent here to do.

Then you have to ask him, “What steps do I take to get there”, he will order your steps but you must come up with the plan.

See something always has to be done in the natural before the supernatural will move. Moses had to stick his staff in the sea before God parted the waters. The lady of blood had to touch Jesus before she was healed. David had to pick up the rock before God delivered to him the head of Goliath.

So if you are waiting on God guess what…God is waiting on you. There will always be an excuse not to express your gift. But to live in your purpose is to constantly use the gifts that you have been given to better the world.

Many of us will never bare the gifts that we have given because we are afraid of the consequences of failure.  Or we feel that we are not good enough. What if I don’t make it and lose everything or nobody wants to hear my story. Or there are already 1000 motivational speakers, lawyers, doctors…what have you, why would the world need another one. Because you are an original!!!

And until we tap into our gifts we will never have what God has promised us.  Many of us do not even know what he has promised to us!!

So here are 3 promises that God makes to us concerning our gifts.

Deuteronomy 8:18 KJV: But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

  1. God promises that our gifts will give us power: We need to realize that there is power in our gifts. God has given us gifts that empower us to change the world! To change the world around us but most of all to change our world. To transform us, renew us, heal us! Implanted inside of our gifts is an overwhelming source of divine inspiration, guidance, and love. Sometimes we feel weak as if we do not have the strength to follow through but once you tap into the power of your gifts you will conquer any obstacle!
  2. God promises that our gifts will make us wealthy: We have this fear that if we step out on the ledge and follow our passion and our dreams that somehow we will end up penniless and homeless. I am not going to say that you may have times that you don’t eat for days, where your lights get shut off, where you are sleeping in your car but you have to realize that if you have not made it to greatness then you are not at the end! You may be in the middle or even at the beginning but you have yet to see your end. God promises us that if we follow the power of our gifts at the end of journey is victory is waiting for us to arrive!
  3. God promises that our gifts will establish: Establish has several meanings. It means to set up an organization or system, to achieve permanent acceptance and recognition, to show something to be true, to make firm and steadfast. So God promises that our gifts are firm, unwavering, durable, reliable. Meaning you can trust your gift! You can trust that you are good enough. You can trust that your gift will endure the trials and tribulations and give you permanent achievement, acceptance, recognition and success! Your gifts will set up new systems meaning it will help people change their lives! Your gifts will prove that a covenant with God exist and that our God will establish us and show us to be true. So if people think you are crazy for following your dream then so be it! Keep going! God will show them the truth in your victory.

Quote: If you are waiting on God guess what…God is waiting on you.

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I want to introduce Dawn Harvey who is woman of God and a Christian Blogger. She was gracious enough to write this inspiring piece for my blog!! This article reminds us that God is always in control and the answer to all that may burden us. She motivates us read the word as she says the word itself heals us!!! How awesome is that!. For encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration I suggest you check out her blog!! Thank you so much Dawn many blessings to you!


Charolyn McKoy is a strong faith woman who I see soon becoming one of our teachers of the Lords words I was very honored when she asked me to write a guest blog for her website. I have learned so much, in the little time I have been reading her lessons. She is a talented, leader of Gods truths in preparing us for Jesus’ second coming. I only hope I can follow in her footsteps and make her proud of me. Standing in the gap for God.

There is a verse Matthew 6:33-34 that states “SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTENOUS AND ALL THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU” That verse has been with me since I was   five years old. When I was five my aunt Martha gave me a bible and dedicated that for me writing it in the inscription into my brand-new bible. This morning when I woke up it popped into my head, so I wanted to write about it. The verses prior to this one says do not be anxious for anything, well isn’t that hard to do? God says he knows all our needs. However sometimes we still worry, don’t we? We worry about our children and our families, we worry about our bills. So, the weight of this world is heavy on us. 
We must, as Christians start looking at the problem solver instead of the problems, we must give our problems to him, easier said than done, right? Wrong it is the easiest thing we could do. Once you shift your mind to who is in really in charge. The bible is our guide to understanding our situations, the bible gives us hope in the resurrection, it feeds us spiritually, it quenches our thirst, it’s very words heals us. It is the most important piece of literature ever written. You must spend time in it, it is not a book end I know it’s big and heavy and so pretty that it would make a great one, but it is not going to improve the quality of your life just sitting there on a shelf collecting dust.
In some countries, the bible is being persecuted and in the 15 th century an English bishop banned women from having and reading the bible. Think about that, how much the bible has gone through and endured. God insured this books safety. This is one of the first scrolls and there are more to be opened when Jesus comes back. There is so much in this treasured book that every time you read it you receive deeper understanding, wisdom, and love from it. 
Worry and stress is the number one problem in the world today, it has claimed lives. It has caused divorce, fear, and depression. When will you take back your life and say I know the problem solver God is bigger than any problems I have and will ever have. God here are my problems I release them to you, I don’t want them anymore. Whatever you do is sufficient for me. Do me a favor, don’t take them back once you have given them to him, as a matter of fact forget them. Cast your worries upon God. He is the only one that can do anything for you. We serve such a mighty God, a kind God, a merciful God, and a righteous God that we would be foolish in our thinking not to trust in him. The bible has been translated over 5,000 times and you know what it has never changed any of its meanings. No one will ever be able to change the word of God no matter how many translations there will ever be. It is rock that we build our foundation on. 


Seeking the kingdom first and all these things will be added unto you means God is for you he has always been there for you. Ask, pray, and receive the blessings he has in store for you. You cannot do anything on your own. We were born with the desire to serve a better and useful purpose. Not just to pay bills and die. By seeking Gods kingdom, you will find out the better life he has in store for us plus understand the reasons why this world is such a mess. Man, has tried to fix the problems of this world and only made things worse. The leaders of our nations are operating out of fear and not seeking the kingdom of God. When our leaders are more concerned about oil, money, and war versus the people of their lands. You know they are not concerned about God’s will they will kill their own people in the name of democracy. Trying to get richer while their people stay poorer. War is not the answer to our environmental issues, our food shortages, our homeless, or our current global issues. Giving back the planet to God is the answer it has always been.


Dawn Harvey