I Cross My Heart

I was trying to think of what the law of the day would be when I fell asleep. It came to me in a dream. I literally saw myself writing this blog. I immediately woke up, sat at my computer and began to write. I just could not help but thinking this is something God really wants to impress upon us. Our hearts!!! Our hearts are more important then I think we realize and it is our hearts that is really destroying us as well as our society. So this is the law of the guarded heart!!!

The law of the guarded heart.

The heart is called the seat of the soul. This is because wherever our hearts set we will surely follow. God speaks of our heart many times throughout the bible. God says he does not look at our actions or our outer appearance God judges the heart.

Our heart is truly the center of our being.

This is why the enemy will attack what your heart holds dear. The enemy tempts us with the desires of our heart knowing that it will destroy us. This is why we must stay close to God and align ourselves with his desires for us.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. God says that out of the mouth comes the issues of the heart.

So what does it truly mean to guard your heart? It means to guard our eyes, ears, and hands because these are the vehicles in which we use to transmit information. Information is knowledge and knowledge changes us. It changes our hearts.

Things we see, hear, and touch have the power to make us angry, jealous, bitter and fearful.

Guard means: watch over in order to protect or control; to prevent injury or damage.

So how do we truly guard our hearts?

  1. Matthew 22:37 Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

The first thing is to acknowledge that everything is connected. Do not try to separate your heart from your mind or your soul. God tells us to love him with all three because he knows when all three are not on the same page it creates a divide within us. It can rip our very being and in time destroy us. Many times, we try to compartmentalize things and we are taught to do this from the time we are young. No matter what is going on at home we are taught to go to school and have a productive day as if one thing does not impact the other. Well it does. Yes we all have to continue on our daily grind and keep work separate from personal lives but we should also know as humans we were not built that way. That is why is so very difficult for us. That is why we have these work place incidents with people becoming violent or having nervous breakdowns. It is because we are trying to separate our heart so that we can use our minds and our souls are being split. In the end if the soul is split we will break.

  1. Proverbs 17:22 ‘A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.’

Next, We have to stop going against our heart. We are to be cheerful in doing the things we do but we allow situations and people to dictate what we give of ourselves. How many of us are working jobs, living in places, dealing with people out of some kind of obligation or fear when our hearts are telling us to leave. That there is something else for us. Something that will bring joy to the heart. So many of us ignore the cries of our heart. When our heart is trying to speak to us we must give it our ear.

  1. Philippians 4:8 ‘Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.’

We have to be vigilant of what we take into our heart. God tells us to keep our mind on those things that are good yet we tend to do the opposite. We watch the news, reality T.V., gossip, etc. We listen to bad reports and wonder why our hearts are so heavy. We listen to the lies of the world instead of the truth of God. We are the ones that have total control over what we allow to enter into our being. So we are choosing to take in all the negativity that breeds fear. Fear of the economy, fear of other countries and cultures, fear of our government when God says he is in control of it all. God is good, honest, pure, lovely, and virtuous we should keep our hearts, minds, and ears tuned into him instead of the circumstances and entertainment of the world.

  1. Proverbs 3:5-6 ‘ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.’

Finally, above all else we must trust in the Lord with all our heart. When we trust in him all things fall into place for us. We will have clear direction of the actions we must take so that we will not go against our heart. We will truly have cheerful and joyful hearts. Our desires we be of him and he will continually minster to us and keep our hearts on what is pure and good. We will not have fear or hesitation. This will allow us to submit our hearts unto him.

Quote: Knowledge changes us. It changes our hearts.

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I Have Gold Dust Footprints!!

The law of the unbeaten path.

So let me just admit that I think part of my purpose is to teach and live these sacred laws. I mean every time I discover a new one it just fuels my passion! I have been trying to decide for a while now what should my first book be.

I started so many and then for some reason I just can’t finish. It is because I am writing from the head not the heart.

The spiritual laws are very logical this is true but this one just really spoke to my heart because God began to speak to me about this law. He made me realize that I am on an unbeaten path right now. As matter of fact many of us are!

I think we have in our head that the unbeaten path is this mystical road that no one has ever traveled. Like Abraham (in the bible). Yes sometimes this is true. God takes us on this magical journey where he tells us to quit our jobs and move to Hawaii and sell pineapples as we make our way through seminary.

But…God spoke to me last night and said “you (meaning me) have been living the law of the unbeaten path for a while now”. There have been things that I experienced this year that I never have before. Many of them were really hard and difficult experiences. But his was my unbeaten path and I have learned incredible wealths of wisdom and knowledge on this path.

Everything isn’t meant to take us on a physical journey but a spiritual one. Sometimes that is the beauty of the unbeaten path is who we become after the journey. As I said some of us are living the law of the unbeaten path right now.

Some of us are getting married, some are getting divorced, some are starting new jobs, some of us have just lost a job, some of us are being physically healthy for the first time, babies are being born and loved ones are passing away but all of these experiences are linked to the law of the unbeaten path.

Even if you have been married before this isn’t the same marriage, even you have lost a loved one before guaranteed this death will be different, even if you have 4 kids the 5th is still new lol. So we are constantly living in this law! How powerful is that!

It is something that I have never thought of before and I am so excited because it changes my entire perspective! Don’t you just love it when one piece of information can give you an entire paradigm shift! Well that is what this law has done for me!

So there several different things that happens on the unbeaten path. So believe that there is a purpose for ever thing that you may be going through!

  1. Builds our faith: The unbeaten path builds our faith in one or two ways. It either proves the promise that God has given us is true or it blinds us so we have to trust him. For example, marriage and divorce or both on the unbeaten path. One proves a promise and the other blinds us completely sometimes and it’s not always what you think. Maybe you never knew marriage would be so difficult so you feel completely unprepared and God is saying trust me I will guide you through this. Or maybe that divorce was unexpected but at the end of it all it gave you promised peace. You can never predict these things but just know that your faith will be tested and strengthened!
  2. Always gives us an opportunity: The unbeaten path always gives us an opportunity to do something that we never thought we could do or would do. It always gives us the opportunity to learn something new about ourselves. Even if we see a part of ourselves that we do not like then it gives us the opportunity to acknowledge it then change it.
  3. Change our relationship with God: The unbeaten path will always change our relationship with God but how it changes that relationship depends on us. There some paths that made me bitter with God and there were some paths that brought me closer to him but it was maturity that brought me to him which leads me to 4.
  4. It will grow us: Sometimes God uses the unbeaten path to grow us into mature Christians. I can honestly say that throughout my life I have had many paths that I have had to walk. When I was young and a babe I questioned everything and understood nothing. I thought God was punishing me and became very bitter with him. But as I have grown a lot of that has changed. I am not saying that I don’t question or cry out “Why are you doing this to me God” but I know that whatever is happening is for my good for those who have faith in him. It took me a long time to get that space with him but it was the consistency of the Law of the Unbeaten Path that got me there. The more paths I had to walk the more I grew in him. Even to the point that I am no so very resilient!!!

So, I guess for me this blog has been a big eye opener. It has brought me a passion and understanding that I really cannot explain. The spiritual laws are such a desire of mine how can I not write about it??? So look out for that book because it will  be coming soon!!!


Quote: Sometimes the beauty of the unbeaten path is who we become after the journey.

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