I remember You!

The spiritual law of remembering

I honestly had no idea about this law. I was simply doing my morning thing. You know getting ready for work when I started preaching. Sometimes I do that. I just break out into sermons, motivational speeches, teaching and preaching.

This happens to me randomly (now), and when it does I can just feel this amazing energy shift. It is a spiritual high a wavelength that carries me to a higher frequency. This is where God and I can sit and converse. I receive all these insights, enlightenment, wisdom, and knowledge and it dawned on me why this happens.

There is a book called “Seat of the Soul” There is a line in this book that says “When the personality comes to serve fully the energy of its soul that is authentic empowerment.” I realized in the moments when I randomly begin to speak wisdom that I have never been told but somehow know to be true I am serving the energy of my soul and I am stepping into a place, and a space that is truly powerful.

I began to understand the true significance of this and I wanted to know how does this happen.

This happens because it is in these moments of time that I am remembering who I am and whose I am. I am remembering who I was created to be. I am remembering that conversation that I believe we all have with God before we decide to come here and be born.

It is in these moments that I am remembering why I chose the personality I have. I am remembering why God chose me to come here. I am remembering my soul’s purpose…and I have to tell you it is amazing!!!

When I am writing a blog or my book, or I am teaching at a workshop, or speaking at a seminar, or preaching at an event, or worshipping and praising, or reading God’s word, or doing my spiritual work (like affirmations), I feel this tremendous energy settle deep within. That energy is my authentic power.

Authentic power is your soul leaping for joy! It is the power of motivation, inspiration, passion and its purpose is to serve the world. Authentic power is harnessed to change the world because that is every soul’s purpose to change the world in some way weather on global scale or individually.

Authentic power it not a get rich power it is a live well power. It is the power to create what God has promised us. It is the power to create health, wealth, and abundance! True Success follows authentic power.

But still you may be asking how do I get there. How do I find this incredible power?

So many times, we are trying to find who we are when God is saying you do not have find who you are. You just have to remember who you are. You are not becoming you have become. There is nothing new that you have to acquire. Everything we are and will ever be is already inside of us.

I know that I have heard this before and honestly, I do not think I really believed it. When we hear that everything we need, everything we are, everything we will ever be is inside of us…do we really think that is possible? Well God says it is. Greater is he that is in you…there is nothing in this world that we have to acquire!! Yes, we may have to hone our gifts, grow in character but everything we will ever be is inside of us!

So, you say why do we have to go to college etc. Honestly, we do not have to go to college to learn how to use the gifts that are already inside of us.  I have never even taken a creative writing class but I did have to go to school to remember how to write and how to use language. But the gift to master writing and build stories through words that was my gift.

We go through the learning process to bring us into remembrance. For example, you do not go to medical school to learn how to become a doctor. You go to medical school to remember how to be a doctor.

Doctors who have a true calling are natural healers. Most of them are really good in biology, math, etc. They have steady hands; the human body is an interest to them. They seek to understand the body and how to heal it. Most of them are probably natural healers. This is because this is the conversation that that they had with God before they were sent here. So, they were given the gifts, talents and personalities to be what they have chosen to be. To fulfill their souls purpose.

So, as you see the law of remembering is one of the most important laws that we have to live in. The law of remembering is the beginning of the law of identity. Once we remember who we are (identity), we then begin to remember why we are here.

So the law of remembering is the beginning of purpose!!! Wow I just got that right here right now!! I feel that awesome power settling in! Meaning as I sit here I am working in my complete purpose. I am fully serving the energy of my soul!

I want everyone to get to this place so here are 3 signs that you have tapped into the law of remembering:

  1. You receive spiritual wisdom that sets you off on a journey: You hear something and inside you say I believe that is true. Now I can’t prove God to you. I can’t prove that you sat with him and decided what you would do when you got here. Just like no one could prove God to me or that we are beings of spirit and energy and that we live at frequency. That we raise or lower our frequency and that we can create the lives we truly want. That we can live in the promises of God. No one could prove that to me…not really. But there was something inside me that said I believe this is true. Something inside me believes that there is a God and that I am chosen by him. I must seek out this possibility I must go on this journey. The reason there is a visceral reaction deep within is because your soul is saying Yes!!!. You are finally remembering my purpose! You will soon begin to fulfill it!
  2. A random conversation sparks a fire in us that we never knew we had: Have you ever been talking to someone and they say something like…I love gardening and you think well I have never tried it but something inside really wants to try to this. It is because somewhere deep within you are remember that you are here to give things life! Now gardening might not exactly be your thing but guaranteed it will lead you to what is your thing…so to speak.
  3. We begin an activity that we have never done before and realize not only do we love it but we are good at it: It is because we are remembering that we wanted to do this (whatever it is), and so in our conversation with God we asked for the gifts and talents to be able to do this!

So, I hope this really resonates. I know this post was kind of long but it really resonated with my soul that I had to get this out into the world!!

Remember your soul’s purpose and say, “ I remember you and I am never letting you go again!”


Quote: Authentic power it not a get rich power it is a live well power.


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