The Definition Of…

The Law of Vocabulary…

So of course, we know that words are powerful but did we know the very definition of a word carried so much weight. I guess that should have been obvious but for me it wasn’t. I had never even thought about words in this context.

This law came to me as I was trying to come up with a title of a book that I was writing. Someone asked me could they be a contributing writer to my anthology. I have to be honest I didn’t know what an anthology was. So, I looked it up.

An anthology is a collection of writings from different authors, but I loved that world anthology. I thought that’s it! I will name this series of books Anthology of the Godmind. My reasoning was that this will be a collection of writings about God.

I wanted to write about so many different aspects of God and how to develop the Christmind in us that this would definitely be an anthology…but then I thought to myself I am the only author. Will people be upset because I am saying anthology but it is not really an anthology.

Then I heard God say anthology can mean whatever you want it to mean. Who defines your vocabulary?

This was a true revelation to me. Who defines my vocabulary? As I thought about that God began to download so much about our vocabulary. When people define your vocabulary, they define who you are. They define how you feel. They can construct things in your life.

So I took a good look at my life and I what I realized is that someone else’s vocabulary had constructed everything about me. Someone else had put meaning to my life not me. Because that is what vocabulary is. Vocabulary is the meaning of a word.

I had to deconstruct the meanings that had been poured into my life. As I did I more positivity began to break through in my life!

I began to become the authentic me and live in my authentic power. In order to have this breakthrough there were certain areas in my life that I had to redefine my vocabulary.

So here are 3 areas where we must define our own vocabulary:

  1. Our standards of beauty: A very wise woman once told me, “You should be the standard of beauty in your life.” I thought about that. If someone asked you to define physical beauty…would you describe yourself? Who has defined what is beautiful to you. Why does fat mean not beautiful? Why does dark skinned mean not stunning? Why are people too thin, too pale, too this or that? Who says crooked teeth aren’t attractive? We have to define our own standards of beauty to ever realize how beautiful we really are!
  2. Our Ideas of success: This one really runs deep for me personally. When our definition of success is defined by other people we will never be successful until they say so. That’s not fair to what we have accomplished. When I took a step back and looked at how far God has brought me, when I think about how my testimony is so awesome I am inspired by my own life! That is the way it should be. I should not have to look to others for inspiration though it is good from time to time but we should be an inspiration to ourselves! We should acknowledge the success we are in our own life. I am constantly amazed by how many things I have overcome in my life. I am a conqueror, a victor…I AM SUCESSFUL!
  3. Our Identity: Never let another’s definition of you define who you are. Never let someone else’s definition complete your I AM! Just because somebody spoke against your true identity does not mean that is who you are. As a child, I was belittled often especially by my family. They belittled my intelligence, my character, and my standard of beauty. They were the ones who defined every category in my life. It was their vocabulary that I carried with me. So, one day one of my college professors said that I was very analytical that I ask a lot of questions. I immediately apologized. He said why are you apologizing that quality is going to serve you well. Smart people tend to ask a lot of questions he said as he laughed. But he really didn’t understand the impact that had on me. I was told that asking questions was a bad thing and that really you should just do what you are told. I was told because I did ask a lot of questions that I was a bad child. Because I had allowed someone else to define my quality as a liability I didn’t see the value in it. As a matter of fact I deemed it unworthy and I was unworthy because it was a part of who I was. When we let people define who we are we are allowing them to decide our worth.

So make your own vocabulary! That is the beginning of creating your world…


Quote: When our definition of success is defined by other people we will never be successful until they say so.

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