I See The Truth In You

I came to the realization that I have been stuck for a long time. Though there has been some progression I have to be completely and totally honest with myself. I could have gotten a lot further if only I had truly seen myself for exactly what I was.

Not to say that I was bad or anything…but just that there are some things about me that desperately needed to be revamped. There were old attitudes and belief systems that honestly did not work for me anymore…and some that were faulty from the very beginning.

There was also times when I had been swayed to move when I shouldn’t or stand firm when I should have let go.

All of this boils down to my unwillingness to allow my reality to change.

So what is reality: Reality by definition is the true situation that exists.

So in essence your reality is your truth. That is why is so difficult to change your reality. It would mean having to change your truth. It would mean admitting that something you have based your life on may be a lie or simply not what you thought is should be, or could be. It means that something in your reality has influenced your perspective and it needs to be changed.

For example: If you truly believe that you are failure then you will never allow your realty to tell you anything different. You will self -sabotage, you won’t try new things, you will not invest in your future…because in your mind what would be the point. The reality is that you are going to fail because you are a failure. So ultimately you will create the reality that is true to you.

We must have a fluid perspective. One that is renewed, moves, and changes.

So here are 4 ways to know if your perspective is allowing your reality to change

  1. You do not assume to know all the details. God tells us to not lean on our own understanding. That he knows the plans he has for us. That he is the author. The truth; the reality is that we do not know everything and we do not always know the outcome but we have try anyway. A fluid perspective is one based on faith.
  2. Your perspective is not limited: God once asked me” why are you basing your future on your present situation”, this shocked me because he was completely right. I had placed limits on myself without even realizing it. Whenever we limit ourselves if based off of money, time, what have you we have just changed our truth. A fluid perspective believes in limitless possibilities.
  3. You are always taking in new information: Whenever we think we know it all we have accepted the truth that it can’t get any better. Things don’t have to be bad to get better. If you are a millionaire why not be a billionaire. If you have one successful business why not have two or find ways to make your business more successful. A fluid perspective is always looking for ways to progress.
  4. You are willing: You have to simply be willing. Willing to look at things differently. Willing to admit when you are wrong. Willing to try a new thing or even go back to and old idea if it works. A fluid perspective is always willing to change.

This week God has really been speaking about perspective. There is a spiritual law of Perspective because there is a spiritual power in perspective. All spiritual laws have the power to create and destroy and neither one of these are good or bad. Sometimes things need to be destroyed so other things can be created.

The point is to allow both to happen! Allow your reality to change!!!


Quote: Things don’t have to be bad to get better.

By popular demand I am giving another workshop!!! But the best news is…this time it is free!!

It is 20 ways to create a joyful, prosperous and healthy life!

If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and would like to attend you will be able to get your tickets on Eventbrite!!

You can email me at charlivinlife@gmail.com for the link!!

Blessings and see you next time!!!

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