Harness The Power Of The Dream!!!

As I sit here it dawns on me that as I work on one thing or another though I may seem scattered I am following the law of the supreme dream. The law of the supreme dream is that there is one passion that is driving your every action.

If your actions are scattered then there is a lack of knowing. So, we are actually getting into another law here. The law of knowing which I think I have written about before. The law of knowing is an innate thing. It is when something inside of you just knows that this, (whatever this is), is the right path for you.

If you are scattered in your activities and nothing seems to be fitting together then you have lost the power of the supreme dream.

The power of the supreme dream is a power that will motivate you to walk on broken glass, hot coals and even water! Peter had a supreme dream. To follow Christ wherever he went even on water. Was he afraid yes. Did it seem impossible yes…but he knew in his soul that this was the right path.

The disciples of Christ did many things throughout their journey and their lives but everything fit under one umbrella! The Umbrella of living for Christ and God. That was their supreme dream. We can learn so much from the bible and this is one of the lessons we must learn to truly move forward in our calling and our purpose!

We must learn what is the supreme dream is for us!

There are several ways to tap into the power of the supreme dream!

  1. Let God tell you! This is first and foremost. God is our creator. He knows what he created us to do. He put that supreme dream deep within us so let him call it out of you!
  2. Be willing to walk away. Sometimes we have put so much time and effort into something that it literally breaks us to leave it behind. I put a lot time and money in my education and in my career to only have to leave it behind to follow my true purpose. That being said though it was one of the hardest things that I had to do it was also the most rewarding. I have never had the passion and purpose that have now in my life. I would not go back to who I used to be for a million dollars which leads me to my next point.
  3. Money has nothing to do with your supreme dream. That dream that motivates your every action is something you would do absolutely for free! As I sit here writing this blog there is no one saying hey here is even 50 bucks to do this. I do this because it a part of my calling, my purpose, and my dream. That is not to say that one day I won’t get paid to blog or do some of the other things that I do but my point is…that is not why I do it. I do it simply because I know that in my soul that I am on the right path!
  4. Doors will open! When you are walking on the right path you begin to notice different paths beginning to attach. These different paths lead to opportunities that you would have never imagined. (Your gifts make room for you) and so does your passion. Have you ever taken notice of someone or even invested with someone simply because of the passion they had for what they are doing? Well that is what happens when you tap into the power of the supreme dream!! The trick is to take those opportunities as they come do not be afraid of them and do not force them.

So that is it for today! I am super excited because I feel that this will help someone truly tap into their supreme dream!!!

Quote: The power of the supreme dream is a power that will motivate you to walk on broken glass, hot coals and even water!

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