Change Is Coming!!!

There are so many gifts, talents, and wonders locked inside of us that it seems impossible that we are not all exactly where we want to be in life. That we are not all doing amazing things. Changing the world, creating a world that is beautiful, loving and inspiring. I mean we are all capable but somehow many of us struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Then we continue to struggle throughout our daily lives. We struggle all the way to the next day and then the cycle begins again.

Why are we in this constant struggle. It is because we are not obedient and we are not committed.  In order to be successful, we must have these two components.

In our society we tend to celebrate the rebel. Afterall Jesus was a rebel wasn’t he…no he was not. Jesus was not a rebel simply because he rebelled against the establishment of his time. Jesus was not a rebel he was obedient just to a different law. Jesus was obedient to God’s law and he was committed to accomplishing the task or mission that he was sent here to complete.

Jesus never deterred. He was never distracted because he would not allow it. He was committed to the task and there was nothing more important to him than completing that task.

So I sat here going over my life in my head. Trying to understand all the things that I have accomplished and all the things I want to accomplish. Thinking about my God given calling, my God given talents, gifts, and blessings. It still bothered me that I had not done more…I mean I could have done more. What was the hold up…me. The hold up was and is me.

It isn’t life or situations or any of the things that we tend use to explain where we are or where we are not in life. How many things have you rebelled against that really could have helped you move to the next step in life. Something as simple as a morning routine or making a weekly or daily agenda has the power to change your life. It has the power to move you into the next step of your life. I know you may be thinking something so trivial couldn’t have a big impact but it does!

But a lot of us do not do these things because we have decided to rebel against the “self-help” boom or we have decided that we don’t have the 10 or 15 mins. it would take to make a weekly agenda, or a monthly budget, or simple exercise routine, or whatever it is. Because we have decided that it is too much to make a commitment to simple changes in our lives is it so surprising that lack commitment in big areas of our lives.

We lack commitment to our marriages, to  our children, to our friendships, to our jobs, and most of all to God.

Remember God said if you are good with few then I will give you many. So how can God bless us with these huge blessings we are asking for when we can’t even commit to our own lives. Just to being healthy, organized, spiritual in our growth. How many things have we started and quit. I can personally say quite a few and because I have quit those things I never saw the fullness of what they could have truly been.


So lesson of the day take on the mindset of obedience and commitment and see how far it takes you!!! It will take you a place of change…

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