The Mythology Of Multitasking: Decluttering the Conscious

Multitasking is busy work plan and simple. The only way to get things done is to do them one at time even if you do multiple things in one day. When I am worshiping I am worshiping. I am not worshiping and checking emails, worshiping and cooking…though I do worship as I do those things quite often but when my intention is to worship…I worship completely and fully. See that is what multitasking steals from you.

It steals the still from the moment. It populates the peace of an action, of a motion, of a task, of an accomplishment, of a joy, of a smile, of a good feeling, of excitement, of hope, of inspiration, of creation and invades the intimacy, inspiration, and intellectual gain of that moment.  I can’t paint like Picasso while simultaneously writing like Maya Angelo. Even if I am a master at both I mastered them one moment at a time with one moment in time dedicated to each for a surmountable amount of time.

Multi-tasking by definition means to execute more than one program or task simultaneously. Multitasking, is a computer operating system that is able to keep track of where you are in tasks and go from one to the other without losing information.

We cannot do this we are not computers we cannot do two things at once without losing.  One of the main we things lose is focus. A split focus is double mined. It is lukewarm. We cannot have a burning passion for anything that we are not intently purposefully focused.

The reason your house may not be clean is because you try to clean while you also work, talk on the phone, do your household budget. Maybe you need to focus on cleaning and just doing that for that hour or how ever long. I could never do a good household budget because I was trying to do my budget at the same time as trying to do something else. I say trying because I wasn’t doing. I was busy not productive.

So give up  the task of Multitasking…

Quote: We cannot do two things at once without losing.

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Blessings See You Next Time!!!!


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