The Definition Of…

The Law of Vocabulary…

So of course, we know that words are powerful but did we know the very definition of a word carried so much weight. I guess that should have been obvious but for me it wasn’t. I had never even thought about words in this context.

This law came to me as I was trying to come up with a title of a book that I was writing. Someone asked me could they be a contributing writer to my anthology. I have to be honest I didn’t know what an anthology was. So, I looked it up.

An anthology is a collection of writings from different authors, but I loved that world anthology. I thought that’s it! I will name this series of books Anthology of the Godmind. My reasoning was that this will be a collection of writings about God.

I wanted to write about so many different aspects of God and how to develop the Christmind in us that this would definitely be an anthology…but then I thought to myself I am the only author. Will people be upset because I am saying anthology but it is not really an anthology.

Then I heard God say anthology can mean whatever you want it to mean. Who defines your vocabulary?

This was a true revelation to me. Who defines my vocabulary? As I thought about that God began to download so much about our vocabulary. When people define your vocabulary, they define who you are. They define how you feel. They can construct things in your life.

So I took a good look at my life and I what I realized is that someone else’s vocabulary had constructed everything about me. Someone else had put meaning to my life not me. Because that is what vocabulary is. Vocabulary is the meaning of a word.

I had to deconstruct the meanings that had been poured into my life. As I did I more positivity began to break through in my life!

I began to become the authentic me and live in my authentic power. In order to have this breakthrough there were certain areas in my life that I had to redefine my vocabulary.

So here are 3 areas where we must define our own vocabulary:

  1. Our standards of beauty: A very wise woman once told me, “You should be the standard of beauty in your life.” I thought about that. If someone asked you to define physical beauty…would you describe yourself? Who has defined what is beautiful to you. Why does fat mean not beautiful? Why does dark skinned mean not stunning? Why are people too thin, too pale, too this or that? Who says crooked teeth aren’t attractive? We have to define our own standards of beauty to ever realize how beautiful we really are!
  2. Our Ideas of success: This one really runs deep for me personally. When our definition of success is defined by other people we will never be successful until they say so. That’s not fair to what we have accomplished. When I took a step back and looked at how far God has brought me, when I think about how my testimony is so awesome I am inspired by my own life! That is the way it should be. I should not have to look to others for inspiration though it is good from time to time but we should be an inspiration to ourselves! We should acknowledge the success we are in our own life. I am constantly amazed by how many things I have overcome in my life. I am a conqueror, a victor…I AM SUCESSFUL!
  3. Our Identity: Never let another’s definition of you define who you are. Never let someone else’s definition complete your I AM! Just because somebody spoke against your true identity does not mean that is who you are. As a child, I was belittled often especially by my family. They belittled my intelligence, my character, and my standard of beauty. They were the ones who defined every category in my life. It was their vocabulary that I carried with me. So, one day one of my college professors said that I was very analytical that I ask a lot of questions. I immediately apologized. He said why are you apologizing that quality is going to serve you well. Smart people tend to ask a lot of questions he said as he laughed. But he really didn’t understand the impact that had on me. I was told that asking questions was a bad thing and that really you should just do what you are told. I was told because I did ask a lot of questions that I was a bad child. Because I had allowed someone else to define my quality as a liability I didn’t see the value in it. As a matter of fact I deemed it unworthy and I was unworthy because it was a part of who I was. When we let people define who we are we are allowing them to decide our worth.

So make your own vocabulary! That is the beginning of creating your world…


Quote: When our definition of success is defined by other people we will never be successful until they say so.

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I Am That Too!!

I am in this phase where I am completely interested in our identity. My last blog I talked about how the bible calls us salt and light.

Well did you know that there are over 33 verses in the bible that mentions eagles.

The one that I say often when  I am feeling down or overwhelmed is Isaiah 40:31  “But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”

I have even had my own revelations from God about eagles and how he compared us to them. It made me curious about the eagle.

So Here are 7 principles that we can learn from the eagle!!

  1. Eagles fly alone. They do not flock with other birds because they fly higher than any other bird.

Lesson: You may have to leave others behind to be your true self. Never lower yourself to fit in. Soar high. It is ok to be an eagle. It is ok to fly alone.

  1. Eagles have great vision. When an eagle sees its prey, it focuses on that prey. No matter the obstacle he will not stop until he grabs his prey.

Lesson: Have a vision for your life and remain focused no matter the obstacle don’t give up and you will succeed.

  1. Eagles don’t eat dead things. Eagles only eat live prey. Remember God told Sampson not to eat dead things and Sampson ate from a dead lion that he had killed. That was the beginning of his downfall.

Lesson: If a situation is dead stop trying to gain life from it. Move on and never go back to a dead situation or outdated information. Life is progressive.

  1. Eagles love storms. They fly straight into them and use the storm to push them higher. The storm gives the eagle an opportunity to rest their wings. They use the wind of the storm to glide. The storm does the work for them.

Lesson: Don’t always try to hide from the storms of life. Use them to push you higher. Take the opportunity to rest and be still and know that God will work on your behalf.

  1. Female eagles test the male eagles’ commitment: Before she mates with him she puts him through a series of test. The male eagle gladly does this to prove his commitment to her.

Lesson: We should always test someone’s commitment to us before we enter into a partnership with them. It doesn’t matter if is a business relationship, friendship, or romantic. Commitment is key in any true relationship.

  1. Eagles must go through pain to change: When an eagle is about 40 years old it’s body begins to wear down. It has two decisions it can make. It can die or it can go through a painful process. The eagle has to go to a high mountain top where it is alone. It then breaks its beak, breaks its talons, and plucks out its feathers. It then has to wait until everything grows back. After 150 days, it emerges brand new and can live another 30 years.

Lesson: Transformation is painful but it is necessary to live. So, you can make two decisions. You can sit in a bad situation and never make the changes you need to live a great life. Or you can go through the pain of transformation and emerge brand new! Remember God is always doing a new thing!

  1. Eagles love challenge: Eagles fly into storms. They pick prey that are healthy and heavy. They don’t look for the easiest prey that are weak or dead. They fly alone so they can soar as high as they can without anything holding them back. They test their mates no matter how long it takes they will not settle. They go through the painful process of rebirth in order to live another 30 years. They are always up for the challenge!

Lesson: Challenge is good and it is necessary. Rise to the challenges of life. Rise to the higher calling. Live for the bigger vision. Transform, change, live better and be great!

So, I say I am an Eagle!!!


Quote: Never lower yourself to fit in. Soar high!

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The spiritual law of the day is…the law of Identity!

I really didn’t know what the law of day was going to be. Nothing I wrote seemed to be speaking to me. I felt that the law of the day should be about who we are…but in what capacity?

So I stopped and prayed and God lead me to Matthew 5:13-14.

We are the salt of the earth. We are the light of the world. This really spoke to me. So I began to think, why would God use these terms light and salt. So I asked what has light given the world? What are the characteristics of salt?

The first thing I thought with light is that light needs a source. You cannot have light without energy. So it is the energy that we are really witnessing when we see light. So If we are light then it is God that is the energy behind that light. So being the light of the world means when people see us it is really God that they are witnessing. It is the God in us that is giving light to the world.

Light overtakes darkness and makes one see where one was once blind. There is wisdom in light we call it enlightenment. When we have light we can see the beauty in the world. So light makes life beautiful. In the light there is no deception. It is the light of truth that breaks the chains of the lies that bind us.

When we let God shine to the world. Through our light we inspire, uplift, love, forgive, nurture, heal, teach, we stand apart on a hill we shall not be covered but be a beacon to all who wants to feel the nature and presence of God.

We are salt. We are the worlds flavor! We make everything taste better! We bring joy, laughter, friendship, compassion, gratitude, peace and love to the world. We make the world a better place! Salt is precious, valuable, it is always in abundance meaning what is there in one grain of salt. We are better together!

So together we shine the light of God to the world we make this world a better place. We are light and we are salt!

Meaning I am precious, abundant, joyful, wise, inspiring, forgiving, healed, love, energy, edifying, beautiful, truth, gratitude, compassion, peace, friendship!   I AM THAT, I AM!!

This was a powerful revelation to me! I proudly say I am light and I am salt!!

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I remember You!

The spiritual law of remembering

I honestly had no idea about this law. I was simply doing my morning thing. You know getting ready for work when I started preaching. Sometimes I do that. I just break out into sermons, motivational speeches, teaching and preaching.

This happens to me randomly (now), and when it does I can just feel this amazing energy shift. It is a spiritual high a wavelength that carries me to a higher frequency. This is where God and I can sit and converse. I receive all these insights, enlightenment, wisdom, and knowledge and it dawned on me why this happens.

There is a book called “Seat of the Soul” There is a line in this book that says “When the personality comes to serve fully the energy of its soul that is authentic empowerment.” I realized in the moments when I randomly begin to speak wisdom that I have never been told but somehow know to be true I am serving the energy of my soul and I am stepping into a place, and a space that is truly powerful.

I began to understand the true significance of this and I wanted to know how does this happen.

This happens because it is in these moments of time that I am remembering who I am and whose I am. I am remembering who I was created to be. I am remembering that conversation that I believe we all have with God before we decide to come here and be born.

It is in these moments that I am remembering why I chose the personality I have. I am remembering why God chose me to come here. I am remembering my soul’s purpose…and I have to tell you it is amazing!!!

When I am writing a blog or my book, or I am teaching at a workshop, or speaking at a seminar, or preaching at an event, or worshipping and praising, or reading God’s word, or doing my spiritual work (like affirmations), I feel this tremendous energy settle deep within. That energy is my authentic power.

Authentic power is your soul leaping for joy! It is the power of motivation, inspiration, passion and its purpose is to serve the world. Authentic power is harnessed to change the world because that is every soul’s purpose to change the world in some way weather on global scale or individually.

Authentic power it not a get rich power it is a live well power. It is the power to create what God has promised us. It is the power to create health, wealth, and abundance! True Success follows authentic power.

But still you may be asking how do I get there. How do I find this incredible power?

So many times, we are trying to find who we are when God is saying you do not have find who you are. You just have to remember who you are. You are not becoming you have become. There is nothing new that you have to acquire. Everything we are and will ever be is already inside of us.

I know that I have heard this before and honestly, I do not think I really believed it. When we hear that everything we need, everything we are, everything we will ever be is inside of us…do we really think that is possible? Well God says it is. Greater is he that is in you…there is nothing in this world that we have to acquire!! Yes, we may have to hone our gifts, grow in character but everything we will ever be is inside of us!

So, you say why do we have to go to college etc. Honestly, we do not have to go to college to learn how to use the gifts that are already inside of us.  I have never even taken a creative writing class but I did have to go to school to remember how to write and how to use language. But the gift to master writing and build stories through words that was my gift.

We go through the learning process to bring us into remembrance. For example, you do not go to medical school to learn how to become a doctor. You go to medical school to remember how to be a doctor.

Doctors who have a true calling are natural healers. Most of them are really good in biology, math, etc. They have steady hands; the human body is an interest to them. They seek to understand the body and how to heal it. Most of them are probably natural healers. This is because this is the conversation that that they had with God before they were sent here. So, they were given the gifts, talents and personalities to be what they have chosen to be. To fulfill their souls purpose.

So, as you see the law of remembering is one of the most important laws that we have to live in. The law of remembering is the beginning of the law of identity. Once we remember who we are (identity), we then begin to remember why we are here.

So the law of remembering is the beginning of purpose!!! Wow I just got that right here right now!! I feel that awesome power settling in! Meaning as I sit here I am working in my complete purpose. I am fully serving the energy of my soul!

I want everyone to get to this place so here are 3 signs that you have tapped into the law of remembering:

  1. You receive spiritual wisdom that sets you off on a journey: You hear something and inside you say I believe that is true. Now I can’t prove God to you. I can’t prove that you sat with him and decided what you would do when you got here. Just like no one could prove God to me or that we are beings of spirit and energy and that we live at frequency. That we raise or lower our frequency and that we can create the lives we truly want. That we can live in the promises of God. No one could prove that to me…not really. But there was something inside me that said I believe this is true. Something inside me believes that there is a God and that I am chosen by him. I must seek out this possibility I must go on this journey. The reason there is a visceral reaction deep within is because your soul is saying Yes!!!. You are finally remembering my purpose! You will soon begin to fulfill it!
  2. A random conversation sparks a fire in us that we never knew we had: Have you ever been talking to someone and they say something like…I love gardening and you think well I have never tried it but something inside really wants to try to this. It is because somewhere deep within you are remember that you are here to give things life! Now gardening might not exactly be your thing but guaranteed it will lead you to what is your thing…so to speak.
  3. We begin an activity that we have never done before and realize not only do we love it but we are good at it: It is because we are remembering that we wanted to do this (whatever it is), and so in our conversation with God we asked for the gifts and talents to be able to do this!

So, I hope this really resonates. I know this post was kind of long but it really resonated with my soul that I had to get this out into the world!!

Remember your soul’s purpose and say, “ I remember you and I am never letting you go again!”


Quote: Authentic power it not a get rich power it is a live well power.


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I Cross My Heart

I was trying to think of what the law of the day would be when I fell asleep. It came to me in a dream. I literally saw myself writing this blog. I immediately woke up, sat at my computer and began to write. I just could not help but thinking this is something God really wants to impress upon us. Our hearts!!! Our hearts are more important then I think we realize and it is our hearts that is really destroying us as well as our society. So this is the law of the guarded heart!!!

The law of the guarded heart.

The heart is called the seat of the soul. This is because wherever our hearts set we will surely follow. God speaks of our heart many times throughout the bible. God says he does not look at our actions or our outer appearance God judges the heart.

Our heart is truly the center of our being.

This is why the enemy will attack what your heart holds dear. The enemy tempts us with the desires of our heart knowing that it will destroy us. This is why we must stay close to God and align ourselves with his desires for us.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. God says that out of the mouth comes the issues of the heart.

So what does it truly mean to guard your heart? It means to guard our eyes, ears, and hands because these are the vehicles in which we use to transmit information. Information is knowledge and knowledge changes us. It changes our hearts.

Things we see, hear, and touch have the power to make us angry, jealous, bitter and fearful.

Guard means: watch over in order to protect or control; to prevent injury or damage.

So how do we truly guard our hearts?

  1. Matthew 22:37 Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

The first thing is to acknowledge that everything is connected. Do not try to separate your heart from your mind or your soul. God tells us to love him with all three because he knows when all three are not on the same page it creates a divide within us. It can rip our very being and in time destroy us. Many times, we try to compartmentalize things and we are taught to do this from the time we are young. No matter what is going on at home we are taught to go to school and have a productive day as if one thing does not impact the other. Well it does. Yes we all have to continue on our daily grind and keep work separate from personal lives but we should also know as humans we were not built that way. That is why is so very difficult for us. That is why we have these work place incidents with people becoming violent or having nervous breakdowns. It is because we are trying to separate our heart so that we can use our minds and our souls are being split. In the end if the soul is split we will break.

  1. Proverbs 17:22 ‘A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.’

Next, We have to stop going against our heart. We are to be cheerful in doing the things we do but we allow situations and people to dictate what we give of ourselves. How many of us are working jobs, living in places, dealing with people out of some kind of obligation or fear when our hearts are telling us to leave. That there is something else for us. Something that will bring joy to the heart. So many of us ignore the cries of our heart. When our heart is trying to speak to us we must give it our ear.

  1. Philippians 4:8 ‘Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.’

We have to be vigilant of what we take into our heart. God tells us to keep our mind on those things that are good yet we tend to do the opposite. We watch the news, reality T.V., gossip, etc. We listen to bad reports and wonder why our hearts are so heavy. We listen to the lies of the world instead of the truth of God. We are the ones that have total control over what we allow to enter into our being. So we are choosing to take in all the negativity that breeds fear. Fear of the economy, fear of other countries and cultures, fear of our government when God says he is in control of it all. God is good, honest, pure, lovely, and virtuous we should keep our hearts, minds, and ears tuned into him instead of the circumstances and entertainment of the world.

  1. Proverbs 3:5-6 ‘ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.’

Finally, above all else we must trust in the Lord with all our heart. When we trust in him all things fall into place for us. We will have clear direction of the actions we must take so that we will not go against our heart. We will truly have cheerful and joyful hearts. Our desires we be of him and he will continually minster to us and keep our hearts on what is pure and good. We will not have fear or hesitation. This will allow us to submit our hearts unto him.

Quote: Knowledge changes us. It changes our hearts.

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I Have Gold Dust Footprints!!

The law of the unbeaten path.

So let me just admit that I think part of my purpose is to teach and live these sacred laws. I mean every time I discover a new one it just fuels my passion! I have been trying to decide for a while now what should my first book be.

I started so many and then for some reason I just can’t finish. It is because I am writing from the head not the heart.

The spiritual laws are very logical this is true but this one just really spoke to my heart because God began to speak to me about this law. He made me realize that I am on an unbeaten path right now. As matter of fact many of us are!

I think we have in our head that the unbeaten path is this mystical road that no one has ever traveled. Like Abraham (in the bible). Yes sometimes this is true. God takes us on this magical journey where he tells us to quit our jobs and move to Hawaii and sell pineapples as we make our way through seminary.

But…God spoke to me last night and said “you (meaning me) have been living the law of the unbeaten path for a while now”. There have been things that I experienced this year that I never have before. Many of them were really hard and difficult experiences. But his was my unbeaten path and I have learned incredible wealths of wisdom and knowledge on this path.

Everything isn’t meant to take us on a physical journey but a spiritual one. Sometimes that is the beauty of the unbeaten path is who we become after the journey. As I said some of us are living the law of the unbeaten path right now.

Some of us are getting married, some are getting divorced, some are starting new jobs, some of us have just lost a job, some of us are being physically healthy for the first time, babies are being born and loved ones are passing away but all of these experiences are linked to the law of the unbeaten path.

Even if you have been married before this isn’t the same marriage, even you have lost a loved one before guaranteed this death will be different, even if you have 4 kids the 5th is still new lol. So we are constantly living in this law! How powerful is that!

It is something that I have never thought of before and I am so excited because it changes my entire perspective! Don’t you just love it when one piece of information can give you an entire paradigm shift! Well that is what this law has done for me!

So there several different things that happens on the unbeaten path. So believe that there is a purpose for ever thing that you may be going through!

  1. Builds our faith: The unbeaten path builds our faith in one or two ways. It either proves the promise that God has given us is true or it blinds us so we have to trust him. For example, marriage and divorce or both on the unbeaten path. One proves a promise and the other blinds us completely sometimes and it’s not always what you think. Maybe you never knew marriage would be so difficult so you feel completely unprepared and God is saying trust me I will guide you through this. Or maybe that divorce was unexpected but at the end of it all it gave you promised peace. You can never predict these things but just know that your faith will be tested and strengthened!
  2. Always gives us an opportunity: The unbeaten path always gives us an opportunity to do something that we never thought we could do or would do. It always gives us the opportunity to learn something new about ourselves. Even if we see a part of ourselves that we do not like then it gives us the opportunity to acknowledge it then change it.
  3. Change our relationship with God: The unbeaten path will always change our relationship with God but how it changes that relationship depends on us. There some paths that made me bitter with God and there were some paths that brought me closer to him but it was maturity that brought me to him which leads me to 4.
  4. It will grow us: Sometimes God uses the unbeaten path to grow us into mature Christians. I can honestly say that throughout my life I have had many paths that I have had to walk. When I was young and a babe I questioned everything and understood nothing. I thought God was punishing me and became very bitter with him. But as I have grown a lot of that has changed. I am not saying that I don’t question or cry out “Why are you doing this to me God” but I know that whatever is happening is for my good for those who have faith in him. It took me a long time to get that space with him but it was the consistency of the Law of the Unbeaten Path that got me there. The more paths I had to walk the more I grew in him. Even to the point that I am no so very resilient!!!

So, I guess for me this blog has been a big eye opener. It has brought me a passion and understanding that I really cannot explain. The spiritual laws are such a desire of mine how can I not write about it??? So look out for that book because it will  be coming soon!!!


Quote: Sometimes the beauty of the unbeaten path is who we become after the journey.

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We Finally See Eye To Eye

Sometimes we find ourselves living a life that it seems that we didn’t agree to live. Even after we have done all the work of visualization, writing our goals, making our plans…it still seems like we are stuck.

I look at my life and sometimes and I think why am I not becoming that me that I envision. Did I miss something? The answer is yes! I am living like the me that I am and not the me that I want to be.

I would guess that many of us do this. We can envision that future self but never can make it to that future self. That is because we are neglecting two very important spiritual laws.

The spiritual law of alignment and agreement.

To align yourself with something is to put yourself into a position of agreement. In order to agree with anything we have to acknowledge that it exists. One of the reasons that many of us do not make it to that future self is because we have no faith in them. We don’t truly believe that they exist. As long as we hold onto that belief then they never will.

Once you acknowledge their existence then you have to agree to live as they do. So, I have decided to align and agree with my future self in some key areas of my life. I suggest you do the same and see how your life begins to change!

So here is an example:

  1. My future self always begins her day with movement of her body. She knows that movement of our bodies positions us to begin the day with high vibrational frequency. I will do the same.
  2. My future self always engages in spiritual practices with joy. She prays, worships, meditates on the word and keeps herself in the presence of God. I will do the same.
  3. My future self does not eat mindlessly. She does not indulge in eating plenty of sweets and processed food. She eats healthy to keep her body clean and strong. I will do the same.
  4. My future self has a self-development plan. She studies a new subject weekly. She reads one book a monthly, and she attends a conference yearly. I will do the same
  5. My future self lives by the spiritual laws and incorporates them into her daily life. I will do the same.
  6. My future self knows that greatness is living out your purpose. It is living in joy, having a vision and doing what is necessary to make it to that vision. I will do the same.

I challenge you to really become your future self and you can do it 5 steps.

First, acknowledge them: They exist because you exist. Once you begin to realize that the you that you want to become is just waiting to live in the present and not just the future it will change your entire point of view. Once they become real to you then your future becomes your reality.

Second, talk with them: Converse with them. Let them tell you why they do the things they do. Let them tell you how they got started. Let them tell you how they think. Let them tell you that it is possible!

Third, watch them: Don’t just envision them. Envision them in action. Take note of their routine. How do they live from day to day.

Fourth, align with them: Now that you understand what they are doing you can start to position yourself to agree with them. To agree with their routines, their lifestyles, their way of thinking.

Fifth, agree to live as they do: Finally put into action. Do as they do everyday. Mimic their behavior and soon your present self will be the person that you have envisioned and want to be.

I know this can seem so abstract, intangible, and maybe even a little crazy but just give it try I promise it works!!!

Quotes: In order to agree with anything, we have to acknowledge that it exists.


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You Chose Me To Be Yours.

So I haven’t blogged in about two weeks or more and I really could not put it together in my head. Why was it that I could not get a blog out of me to save my life? I would literally sit down at the computer and…nothing.

I eventually just gave up and wrote it off as writer’s block and impossible wall to knock down. But just how God works I had a conversation with a friend and I was reminded of the law of the call. When God calls you into his will and gives you your job it angers him when we decide that whatever we are going through is enough to make us quit. That my situation is more important than my duty to him.

I realized that I was locked in the fog, mist, and debris of the explosion of life. Well guess what…life explodes, implodes, quakes, and breaks but what does that have to do with us that have been chosen.

Matthew 22:14 “For many are called, but few are chosen.” In an instance this verse made sense to me. I remember pondering this verse and just not really understanding it. God calls many of us but then he tests us, and test us, and test us some more. He is seeing who is going take on the incredible cost of the call and who is going to tap out.

I made the decision…yes the power and the law of choice in full affect!!! I choose not to tap out! I choose to follow the high call! I choose to believe in my God and therefore I will not faint!!!

There is nothing more powerful than the understanding of our God. It takes growth in him constantly building your relationship with him to really become that person…that being that has a light to shine even when our light feels so dim.

He chooses us shine. He chooses us to be great. He chooses us to lead, to teach, to minister, to write, to sing, to love the most unlovable…when did he ever say that it would be easy. When did he ever say that it is ok to just give up?

Let’s really get real here. There is a cost maybe I can explain it this way:

It takes courage to be obedient to God. It takes courage to live by his will and not by your wants, but for those that live by their wants and not God’s will; know that they will never understand your position. They will never understand the courage it takes not to compromise the truth of God even when the closest people to you do not understand and will have harsh opinions of who you are and what you do. They will never understand the courage it takes to love them anyway. The courage it takes to pray that they will see God and be transformed by him. The courage it takes to give God’s truth to those that reject you. The courage to keep going when everything in you is screaming give up. You must make a choice. The choice to keep going no matter the cost.

There was a time when I fought valiantly to hold on to every person, place, and thing in my life. With white knuckle grip and blood surging veins my hands blistered from the determination that I was not going to let go. There is a misunderstanding that walking a desolate path is easy for the one making the journey and only difficult for those that are left behind. There is an absence of understanding of how the heart hungers to take them with us and breaks once it realizes that it cannot. There is an ignorance to how heavy your steps become when you want to drag your feet waiting for loved ones to catch up only to realize that you have far surpassed them. There is a loneliness to greatness that can be unbearable if it is not understood by the one daring to be great…

This is an excerpt from my book “God’s Burden Your Heart: The Journey of the Called”

I wrote this at a time in my life where once again the cost of the chosen was just to heavy… or so I thought. But you (we) were not chosen by accident. We have been tested, tried, thrown in fire and we have come out gold!

We will not shatter. We will not break. We will rise to the challenge because we have proven time and time again that we not only can but we must. So…I sat down at my computer. I let go and let God pour out onto my keyboard. I could hear him saying Yesssss it is about time!!! It is not about you!! Or how you feel. He never said follow me only when you feel like it. He never said minister to my people only when you are in the best of moods.

You can impart faith even when yours wavers!!! You can help mend a broken heart even as yours is breaking. You can give love to others even when no one has given love to you. You can be great company for the lonely even when you feel so utterly alone. You can convey hope even when you are hopeless. You can inspire even when your inspiration fails you. The point of all is that you can!!!

Until now I really didn’t understand that. We are not perfect and we are not always going to be in perfect sync with God. Our lives will not always make sense to us and Yes we will even feel like giving up. Like sleeping for days on end and just not engaging the world and that may be fine for some…but as the chosen we do not have the right to linger in our brokenness.

Because we have chosen to be who we are called to be…and yes we can!!!


Quote: The point of all is that you can!!!


Calling all you beautiful ladies!! Divine Sisterhood is coming soon!! I created the divine sisterhood as a sacred place that women can come to learn, love, and let go. A place that we can uplift each other, teach other, and be a community of support for each other. Divine Sisterhood YouTube channel will be in full effect soon as well as live workshops!!! I am really excited about the workshops because it is a place that we can gather and really get Intune with each other and the divine!! So please be on the lookout! To get updates on the Divine Sisterhood join “The Empowerment Circle” Facebook page and subscribe to on YouTube!!!


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I Intend To Be Passionate With You

So today is all about the spiritual laws. It is so funny to me how God always sets things up for you without you ever even realizing it. Having a very light and general discussion with a friend I realized that I have lost my passion. Then when I truly thought about it  the truth  of matter is that if I have lost my passion then I have lost my joy.

It did not really hit me at first but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I am deeply saddened by this. It made me question when did I lose it, how did I lose it, why did I lose it, and where can I find it.

It set me off on a new facet of this incredible spiritual journey that I am on. There are many things that I want in this life. Things that for some reason I have not been able to acquire. It was as if God was telling me you have not been able to manifest your desires because you are really not in touch with them.

When you lack passion and joy there is a disconnect between you and your heart. There is a disconnect between you and your soul. It dawned on me that on this journey my logic has become the most dominate force.

We must walk in wisdom but not at the cost of everything else. It is that burning desire, that passion flame that ignites joy! Being joyful is a law.

Nehemiah 8:10 “for the joy of the LORD is your strength”.

Without joy we are so weak and weary. We are easily burden. We will give up on everything because we do not even understand why we are doing what we are doing. The purpose becomes a series of task that we must complete and the cost becomes our passion and our joy.

So I began to question what am I doing wrong. and then I read a quote today that changed everything for me. My own personal ah ha moment!

The quote: “I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body” by: Dele Olanubi

My intent is wrong.The intent is to live a life of joy. Not to build a ministry, by being a life coach, and writing a book, speaking and teaching all over the world… but my real intent should be to have a life that causes my soul to dance!

Do not get me wrong all those things I mentioned does make me shine! It is just that I had lost my passion and my joy and it became just another thing on my every growing list. I will tell you a truth that some of us know and some of us don’t. There are many minsters, preachers, prophets, teachers, worship leaders, bishops, writers, coaches, etc., that have lost their flame.

They do not have joy in what they are doing it has become their guilt and their obligation. Many of them burn out, give up, call it quits because they do not have the joy to go on. So every day we must wake up with the intent to be joyful. To find the joy in what we are doing. I know this can be hard but we have to take the steps to find our passion again!

So here are 5 ways to reignite your soul flame!!!

  1. Go back to your first love: There is no passion like that which is sparked from God. God knows this because he is the one that has put passion inside of us and it is he that will call it out. There is an ecstasy in truly communing with God. It is an unexplainable form of worship that completely takes you over. But we can get so far from him especially those that have followed their calling in ministry. Ministry is hard work, time consuming, and is about other people. All those things can leave you empty. We lose our passion when everything becomes about the ministry instead of about God. We have to make our way back to him. To the place before we knew that we had a calling to be preachers, prophets, singers, writers, coaches etc. when we just wanted to know God and be in his presence. In the presence of God is where we will find our passion once again.

1 Peter 1:8 Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy,

  1. Remember your why: Remembering your why will light you up again. I had to sit and think…what is my why again. Not the so-called elevator speech or what is on my business card but why was I so passionate about my purpose to begin with. It was because I live to see the ah ha moment. What lights my flame is to see that light bulb go off in someone’s mind and watch as their path gets brighter and brighter! Remembering my why gave me the motivation and energy to continue working on all of different projects, coaching others, taking phone calls and emails with a gusto that I thought I had lost.So what is your why. Sit and truly think about why you do what you do because you began working in your purpose because at some point it brought you great joy.
  2. Understand the purpose of passion: I will admit that many times I am afraid of passion. We as Christians can sometimes view passion as something that if goes unchecked can be detrimental to our faith and to or growth. So, we go to the other extreme of locking our passion away branding it as something that we should not deal with at all. Both of these are extreme. We have to know that our God is not a God of extremes. God created the earth and all her bounty because he was passionate in his love for us and if we understand the purpose of passion we too will be able to create great things. Yes, we have to learn to govern our passion but we also have to learn to hone it. It is true desire that creates a passion that can manifests joy!
  3. Surround yourself with people: So many times, we can get so caught up in the grind that we shut people out. I mean I have to have that laser focus, right? I can’t be all distracted trying to create a dream…this is true but what part of the dream included isolation. Isolation will kill passion faster than anything else. God tells us that friends bring our hearts joy. We need joy in order to find our passion again. A word spoken, a kind touch, someone to minister to our heart, to lift our spirits, to remind us that we love to dance, or sing, or draw, or what have you. It is like giving your spirit a shot of life energy. Surrounding yourself with good people doing good things will give you the spark of passion once again.

Proverbs 27:9 Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel.

  1. Get in touch with your pain: We try to hide our pain, ignore it, etc. But there is something that drives us in our pain. We have to get in touch with our pain. We have to get in touch with that thing that hurts us more than anything. Unfulfilled desire can be one of the biggest catalyst for pain. The very thought of not having whatever it may be or losing whatever it may be brings forth tears and ache. But did you know the harnessing of that pain have built foundations, have inspired books and have forged legacies…because of a deep soul wound that hurts to the touch. We as humans have a deep fear of pain just as any animal we try to avoid it. But Christ passion was pain. He led a life of ridicule and rejection. Was tortured, lied on, spit at and betrayed. He was laughed at, whipped, beaten and crucified. It was painful but his passion for us is unmatched. His passion for us saved us. In passion, there will be pain and in pain there will be passion. But when the two merge true healing takes place in the form of creation!

Quote: When you lack passion and joy there is a disconnect between you and your heart.

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I Seek So I Find

Many times we find ourselves in situations wondering how we got there. I have done it many times but this particular time I actually just asked God for a little help. I asked him “How did I get here”, and I heard him say, “you sought to be here”.

Now at first I kind of laid there thinking…what is he talking about. What does that even mean? But then I remembered that God told me a long time ago be careful what you ask for. Which was a revelation for me in a way because I did not remember asking for anything especially any of this!

But then instead of yelling at God I put my ego aside and got quiet. He began to explain one of his laws to me that should have been obvious I would guess but it wasn’t. Not for me and not for many other people either.

We think we end up in these situations by happenstance but we are living out the law of seeking weather we know it or not.

Les Brown says,” You don’t get in life what you want. You get in life what you are.” It is the law of attraction. We seek what is inside of us. Sometimes this is an involuntary action because we don’t take the time out to really learn who we are and change the things we need to change.

So we build these lives that feel foreign to us. That consist of things, people, and places that we never wanted.

We have to do better because we deserve better.

So here is one thing that we should definitely be seeking.

  1. Ourselves:

We should be seeking ourselves. So many of us want to be dating another when we really should be dating ourselves. We should know what we like, what we enjoy. We should know our fears, hopes, and dreams. We should take the time to make sure that our actions align with our beliefs and our desires. We should take the time to just hang out with ourselves, take note of our thoughts.

We spend so much time investing in other people we should be investing in ourselves. We spend so much time looking for that significant other when we should be looking for ourselves. True love begins with you. Many of us are single and wondering why. It is because God can’t bring you love if you do not know love. See God can only give to you what he can do through you. If you can’t or don’t love you then will not know how to love anybody else.

Self -love is the most important commandment! Jesus said Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

If we don’t love ourselves then we won’t love God. We will blame him for our circumstances not realizing that we are creating these circumstances. We will question his love for us simply because we can’t see where we are deserving.

So the real question for today is; do you truly love you?

How you think of others is a great indicator. If you are overly critical of others you are probably overly critical of yourself. If you have a loathing for others, then you are probably swimming in self -loathing.

The point it all is to seek you so that you can seek the things in life that you truly desire.


Quote: True love begins with you.

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